Written By: Kayla Bultema

Mega-revolutionaries Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen of Infected Mushroom will be showcasing their new stage production on their Animatronica Tour, presented by AEG Live and React Detroit. Detroit’s Royal Oak Music Theater will be their 5th stop on a tour you won’t want to miss, as the Israeli duo will harvest an electric infection that will run through your veins, energizing your inner self to wholly embrace the hypnotic pulse of their psychedelic trance.

Amit Duvdevani (aka Duvdev) started pounding on the piano at age of 7 and by the age of 16, he had the keys mastered. Many would say that Duvdev has had a very diverse, adventurous life – from serving in the Israel Defense Forces to playing in a metal band to being a part of Lady Gaga’s production team. Thankfully for us, Duvdev redirected himself and shroomed his way into electronic music in 1999 to reinvent the world of trance.

The other half of the indie duo, Erez Eisen, had a young musical upbringing as well. At the age of ONLY 4, he learned the organ, yet it wasn’t until Eisen turned 11 years old that he took up electronic music. The U.K. DJ magazine Bible of Scene, ranked Eisen and Duvdev as two of the world’s 10 best DJs, and not just once, but twice!

Infected Mushroom’s 1999 breakthrough debut album The Gathering pioneered a soaring epidemic that spread like an infection across dance floors. The lucrative 9-track phenomenon is a fusion of screeching acid lines and plush classical melodies. The success of this album is what began the revolution of Infected Mushroom.

Continuing to push psy trance to mind bending limits, the pair slams out over 100 live performances each year at festivals such as Ultra Miami and Coachella. Royal Oak is ecstatic to be a part of their Animatronic Tour that includes a brand new stage production created by thee Duane Flatmo. The American artist describes the new stage as “a steam-blasting, eye popping, self-standing mechanical ‘steampunk’ mushroom with a darkened soul.” Wait, whaaaat? We genuinely hope that this stage will be as deranged and senseless as he describes it to be.

Their inter/national tour will perform off their newest released album Friends On Mushrooms, out via Dim Mak Records earlier this year. Check out this whopping 17-track album at

infected mushroom band
Infected Mushroom will be showcasing their new stage production in Royal Oak, Michigan on Friday, March 13th. So grab some mushies and come get your infection on! For more information on Infected Mushroom, check out: