Carl Kennedy, A Star on the Rise

By Paulina Pachel

Carl Kennedy, an astounding DJ from Birmingham, England derives his inspiration from music all around him. He is influenced by the new kids and old kids of today and thus, has made an incredible impact in the music industry. This is what he is meant to do and what he is meant to be. In his musical journey, he has shared the stage with Roger Sanchez, Pete Tong, and mentor Erick Morillo.

“I’m friends with those guys and worked with those guys over the years. To me, they’re still my idols and people I look up to even though they’re my friends” says Kennedy.

Currently residing in New York City, he has many projects in mind. One has been the Great British House Party at Centro Fly, which has proven to the residents of New York that Carl has a promising and unique sound in his interpretation of House Music.

His other and therefore most important project is the development of his music label, Wasted Youth Music.

“It’s still continuing. I started the label six to seven years ago because I was distracted by sending my records off to other labels and pretty much being at the mercy of waiting for somebody to get back to me whether they like it or not. I started the label to have an avenue to be able to release music. We’re still doing it…still releasing tracks and we’ve been doing it because we love the industry and it’s still growing and hopefully it’s going to grow for the next twenty years,” says Kennedy.

In his label, he wants to give other aspiring DJs the opportunity to grow as musicians and the “avenue” to release their own singles.

According to Carl Kennedy, “It’s really hard for any artist to break through, so in the label, I want to be able to build schools and teach the kids how to produce the music and give them the avenues of what’s needed to be able to fulfill their dreams.”

While many are hesitant, Kennedy is determined to let other express themselves and instill confidence in where it ought to be. His first and foremost word of advice is to: “believe in yourself. You have to be grateful for what we’re doing…we’re making music and we’re playing music. It really is a special job. You’d have to keep that in mind.”

For more information please visit Carl Kennedy’s official website: http://carlkennedy.com/

For social media please visit: https://www.facebook.com/CarlKennedyofficial