DJ Psycho of Detroit Techno Militia Speaks to Hear Magazine

By Brandon Phrost and Bethany Weems

Detroit Techno Militia needs little introduction, if any at all. This super group is similar to all super groups. Their years of experience is second to none, the talent well above par, and music IQ through the roof. Hear Magazine has been fortunate enough to see DTM perform on numerous occasions as well as chat with them. The last time being at Nightsneak and Dirty 313’s Mardi Gras party and more presently in our conversation with DJ Psycho. Listen to our interview below.


The Detroit Techno Militia will be performing in Detroit’s techno musical event of the year, Movement Electronic Music Festival May 24th-26th.

For more information please visit DTM’s official website: http://www.detroittechnomilitia.com/main/

For social media please visit: https://www.facebook.com/detroittechnomilitia