The ERERs Chat with Hear Magazine

By Ryan Solecki

Halloween and booze united three local Troy, MI rockers on a quest for stardom a year and half ago and they have not looked back. Chris Fitcher (drums and backup vocals), Jamie Mosshart (bass and backup vocals) and Matt Reisterer (guitar and vocals) make up the up and coming rock trio that keeps it all in the family.

They have released two studio EPs, Tombstone and Riding the Waves, that are truly diamonds in the rough and will be available for download at their website www.theerers.com. Despite their professional type sound, The Erers are some wild and goofy people. As entertaining as they are on record, they are just as if not more entertaining on stage. They have been kicking ass in just about every venue in the Detroit area and are bound for success. Here’s your opportunity to be a fly on the wall in our conversation with The ERERs.

HEAR Magazine: So how did you guys all meet and start jamming together as an official group?

The Erers:

Chris- I was in a band called the Electric Playground and Matt came in as the guitarist. Shit went south and Matt left. In the mean time I was playing with Jamie in a blues project. Matt called me to jam and we started jamming. I knew a sweet bassist. Bam were together.

Matt- My sister worked with somebody in another band and mentioned I needed a band. And they were like I got the perfect band for you and I met Chris in the other band.

Jamie- We all had the same attitude of getting shit done and just going as fast as fast as we could. Recording songs and no drama just music.

Chris- It’s a lot easier with three people.

Matt- We all know each other now though.

HEAR Magazine: Yea, so you guys are all from Troy, MI right?

The Erers:

Jamie- Yea, we met at a Halloween party. Chris was wearing a gorilla suit and I was wearing a really creepy guy mask and we ended up just having a great old time. While we were playing in the Flock, big name drop right there.

Matt- I was wearing a free hugs tank top. I ended up getting a lot more free shots then hugs and got really drunk.

HM: So from there how did you guys start piecing together your first album Tombstone?

The Erers:

Matt- We basically wrote that entire record in the studio.

Chris- Started with Matt who had a bunch of songs and concepts. Jamie and I just kind of added to it.

Matt- It was all just pretty much there in my head and we went from there.

Jamie- Matt’s brain child.

HM: Where do you guys record in studio?

The Erers:

Matt- Deni Mesanovic, who mixes and masters our music, has a studio in Troy.

HM: Does all of you being from Troy help you guys out as a band?

The Erers:

Jamie- I like having the whole Troy boy circle. It’s not necessary, but I like it. I mean the guys who did our two music videos are from Troy. The guy who records us is from Troy. So it’s been an all Troy production from the start.

Chris- When you’re talking studio wise, Deni’s our friend, so it’s not like were going into a mega studio where you’re paying by the hour. It’s a different pressure when you go into a studio where you’re paying by the day and hour, instead, of going into our buddies basement, who’s producing and recording you. I can mess up as much as I want and we can just take those takes away and have all the time in the world.

Matt- Super laid back.


HM: Did you guys have any idea of each other before any of you started playing together?

The Erers:

Matt- Yea, when Chris and I were in that first band our bassist was never showing up to practice and we were looking to replace him and Jamie was the person we had in mind.

Jamie- We actually played like two or three shows, the three of us in Electric Playground.

Chris- Jamie became the bassist of that band for all of those shows before Matt left.

HM: How did you guys begin recording Riding the Waves?

The Erers:

Chris- This album is different from the first in that it came from all of us. Tombstone was pretty much Matt. Riding the Waves is actually the first song we wrote off the album and everything just followed.

HM: Was it a little weird for you, Matt, to have other people a lot more involved in writing the album?

The Erers:

Matt- I liked it better having other people more involved. It was different and that’s why it sounds so much different, but I liked it. It was easier.

HM: What is your guy’s end goal; do you guys want to be the next Foo Fighters?

The Erers:

Chris- Yea that would be great, I would love to do that. It’s not about the money though it’s about the music.

Jamie- I want to tour, travel and play music.

HM: Do you guys have any plans to do any out of state touring?

The Erers:

Matt- Not really right now, we’re working on it. We’re playing some shows coming up with some bands from Chicago though. So we hope to make some ties with them.

Chris- We hope to play a show in Nashville sometime soon. We feel like our sound isn’t anywhere else so we want to get out of Detroit a little bit.

Matt- We kind of keep playing the same venues and have the same people coming to our shows. So it’s starting to get like, o we’ll catch you guys the next time.

Jamie- We have some good connects in Lansing, couple in Nashville and working on some in Chicago. We’re trying to put together a Midwest tour for ourselves. We’ll take a show in a five hour radius right now so we’re just hoping things go from there.

Chris- The end goal is that we all want to do this as a job. We all have other jobs right now and we’d like to stop doing that and do this.

HM: Jamie, your cousin is Alison Mosshart from the Kills. Any talks with them?

The Erers:

Jamie- When we’re ready. She has our album. She likes it, I think her guitarists likes it a lot more. I want to make it on our own instead of something off her merits.

Matt- We need to mature a little bit more before we start asking for stuff like that.

Jamie- We’ve only been a band for a year and half. We need to prove ourselves to our local market and also places around here before I’d talk to her about something like that. We have talked about collaborating and I hope she’ll do that moving forward.

HM: You guys talk about maturing, what steps do you think you need to take to do that?

The Erers:

Jamie- Bigger dicks.

Chris- With more practice comes more experience.  We still have little flubs on stage that every band does. But just getting on stage and doing a jam. We can still get tighter and better. Every musician has people come up to them and say great show but we know we can always do something better next time as well.

For more information please visit The Erers’ bandcamp: http://theerers.bandcamp.com/

For social media please visit: https://www.facebook.com/theErers