Brit Floyd Discovery 2014

The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show, Brit Floyd, plays Detroit

March 18th

By Kevin Tshiamala

In a previous article review for MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & moreI stated that there were only two tribute bands that stand at the top of the hierarchy, Easy Star All Stars and Sublime. Let me make a correction, there are only three kings on the tribute band hierarchy. The two previously mentioned and  Brit Floyd. Respect must be given when respect is earned.

Brit Floyd performing at The Liverpool Echo Arena Nov 9th 2013

Brit Floyd has earned the respect, appreciation and adoration not only of the millions of Pink Floyd fans across the world, but of countless esteemed musicians throughout. Since their first show in Liverpool in January 2011, Brit Floyd — appropriately titled, The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show — has played to over one million fans around the world. The Brits are returning to North America for a tour spanning from March until June. Thankfully, Detroit made the cut.

Starting 2014 far from left, Brit Floyd has put together a stunning show titled DISCOVERY. It is a three hour chronological musical journey spanning the entire recording career of Pink Floyd from 1967-1994. The show is titled after Pink Floyd’s recent box set and it will be featuring music from Syd Barret led 60’s psychedelic pop off The Piper at the Gates of Dawn through to the nineties The Division Bell and everything in between. If you have never been to or seen a video of an old/new Pink Floyd concert, you will be in for a treat witnessing the performance of Brit Floyd. DISCOVERY will feature the trademark Pink Floyd arch and circle light show, which will also be accompanied by original Brit Floyd video and animation inspired by the timelessly brilliant artwork designs of long time Pink Floyd collaborator Storm Thorgerson — a great name by the way, sounds like  a space cadet or storm trooper — As ticketmaster stated, “Mesmerizing, absolutely mesmerizing. The most exciting tribute show ever!”

It has been three years since the first and only Pink Floyd show I was able to attend. Roger Waters performed The Wall at Joe Louis Arena (Shout out to Stasi K and Happy Belated Bday). It is by far one of the best concerts I have ever been too. Taking a break from my writing last night, flipping through channels, Brit Floyd was on channel 6, Detroit public access TV. They were showing their sold out Red Rocks performance. I’m not ashamed to admit that I had forgotten about Brit Floyd until that moment. But last night, even through the television, I was captivated by the musicianship, light show, and spot on performance. Seeing that they would be performing at the Detroit Opera House, it was a no brainer — email the publicist and get on this show — With great delight HEAR will be covering Brit Floyd, The Greatest Pink Floyd Show on March 18th at the Detroit Opera House and we are very thankful. This is a must see and we hope to see you there.

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Brit Floyd performing at The Liverpool Echo Arena Nov 9th 2013