Tech N9ne Is Something Else

By Erikush Growski

Just days prior to the show, HEAR got a chance to speak with the rap legend himself – Tech N9ne. He woke up on tour bus somewhere in Montana, totally in vampire darkness, and conversed with us about his Something Else Tour.

When asked about what the fans should expect from the Something Else Tour, Tech described it as, “one of the biggest live parties they have ever been to if they’ve never attended. Of course there is extreme lyricizing going on, but other than that, it’s a wild and crazy party, and it’s loud and cliquish. You know what I’m saying? Some people say cultish, but I say cliquish. You know what I mean? The beauty of Tech N9ne is that if you have never been to a show before or have never heard the music, you would still come and enjoy the show. It’s just an effect we have on people. Our live show can’t be touched, just like our music.” Tech stated that for many years in Detroit, “I get love from the fans, the artists, the DJ’s.” When asked what else he liked about Detroit, we discovered he is a big fan of our coney dogs, but who isn’t?

Tech N9ne gave a performance that fit his premised description wholly. His set was a mix of songs from throughout his career, as well as several off his recent Something Else album. The packed crowd was not particularly a cult, as they had no specific ties to each other as a whole, but at the same time, were all worshiping the wondrous music of this legend. Tech told us he is just getting better with age and, quite frankly, I think everyone in attendance that night would vehemently agree.

For further information on Tech N9ne and the Something Else Tour, please see his official website at: www.therealtechn9ne.com, and/or on social media at: www.facebook.com/therealtechn9ne and/or www.twitter.com/techn9ne.