Adrian Lux Takes Over The Mid

By Paulina Pachel

Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynn, better known as Adrian Lux, has been in the EDM music scene for quite a few years. “If you’re in it for the long run, if you’re doing personal stuff then I think it’s going to last for sure” says the young 27 year-old Swede.

Adrian Lux played The Mid in Chicago this past Saturday. Strobe lights flickered, confetti fell from above, and smog erupted with each drop of bass; the crowds took it all in consuming each and every tune. The Mid was in full swing Saturday night all the way into the bright hours of Sunday morning ending a little past 5 am. The show consisted of previous tracks off of past records as well as remixes of Chainsmokers’s Soundpools, Napt’s Surrender and many Swedish progressive techno tunes.

With Adrian’s hectic tour schedule these past few years; his time at the studio has been very limited. His EP has been struggling to come out as he was busy playing shows. Finally, with the release of his new EP, Make Out, Adrian Lux could not have been more excited to share his work with the rest of the world. The first single off of the album, “Sooner or Later,” was the core focal point of his inspiration for the record. “Sooner or Later was a song I wrote with the vocalist, Kaelyn Behr. It was a very fitting title. I kept hearing those words [everywhere] then I thought that it’s been a while since I released my album. So I thought it was very clever,” he reveals. According to the artist, his album is a mix of a little bit of everything sharing bits and pieces of what concurrently goes on in his life. Although his ultimate track is yet to be made, his persistence to producing new sounds is profound.  He plans to spend more time in the studio as he continues to head out on the road across the United States for the next two months. He enjoys writing and making music while on the go.


“I still think it’s fun to be creative on the road. A lot of the songs are collaborations with the people I met on the road or the best of what I could get together for this time. I’ve done collaboration with Marcus Schössow. Lune is someone I’ve been working with for a very long time. Right now, I’m doing collaboration with Chainsmokers. They’re good friends of mine so that was pretty good. This tour: it feels like a homecoming year. It feels like a good year. I have a lot of the touring set out already and I’m just trying to make the best of me.”

 Adrian Lux, with headliners in cities such as Dubai, France, and England, smiles at the reminiscence of his very first beginnings as a professional DJ.

“I did a solo show in Stockholm, Sweden for 300 people. I felt that that was really cool because it was a solo show in my hometown and everyone came. It was one of the best shows I ever did. That was a pretty cool accomplishment.” He has come a long way since then working long hours, days, and nights to fulfill his ultimate desire for music.


Kicking off the tour in Chicago, Adrian Lux is proud to start his headline in the city that started it all; the ultimate pioneer of EDM music.

“Chicago is great. I’ve been at this club [The Mid] for a while. I really like it. I think Chicago is a European city. It’s definitely dance music through the times, it’s not that amazed with all that goes on. It appreciates the difference of it. It’s not just like, same old, same old. It’s a good city that appreciates good music. It is the birth place of this music,” he tells HEAR magazine.

Prepare to be amazed by what Adrian Lux has prepared for this upcoming tour with his alluring sound and captivating image.

First single off of the album, “Sooner or Later,” is available now on Spotify and will be available for purchase on iTunes/Beatport April 8th.


For more information on Adrian Lux, follow up on his fan page at: http://adrianlux.com/remix-album/

In addition check out Adrian Lux on social media:

https://soundcloud.com/adrian-luxhttps://twitter.com/Adrian_Lux https://www.facebook.com/adrianluxmusic?fref=ts

Photo Credit: Ania Derkacz