There are many aspiring artists that flood the internet and YouTube daily with their attempts at music but very few ever get very far and even fewer turn internet notoriety into a successful music career. One story that has turned into a success story is that of Joseph Anthony Somers-Morales, or better known by his many adoring fans as SoMo. With his single “Ride” going platinum and a record deal with Republic Records this once internet sensation has proven he is not going to stop there.

SoMo took time to talk to HEAR about his rise to fame and what is coming up in his future. On the heels of his newest release My Life II Somo is hitting the road again on The Fallin’ Up Tour. “It’s going to be fun,” he talked about the tour. “I’ve been touring to support my last album but I’ve been writing and have a lot of material and I’m excited about what is coming up. My fans are going to be super super excited!”

The re-mixes and renditions SoMo has put online have made him many fans and he keeps it going weekly with his “SoMo Sunday” releases on YouTube that have earned him over 200 million views. “Being a singer it can be hard to keep your name relevant, in terms of putting out quality music. I use the re-mixes to keep myself and my fans happy by doing mine and their favorite songs and letting my fans hear my voice every week. I usually do my favorite song of the week or a throwback and sometimes I even do request.” He has thought a little about releasing some of his renditions but it probably won’t happen. “I want to keep the focus of my artist side on my original material.”

When asked about what inspires his writing SoMo says, “It all just comes from internal inspiration. I really just pull from my real life. I’m a sensual guy and I’m a happy guy so sometimes I write positive uplifting songs and sometimes I write the sensual baby making bangers. I know I’ve been quiet for a little while on the original music so just be ready!”

My LIFE II was dropped on SoMo’s birthday just last week and was released after we had the chance to talk to him but when the Fallin’ Up Tour makes it way to Michigan, HEAR will be there to talk to him more about this mixtape release of his first album, My Life. He’s excited about the tour because he loves being on the road. “I love to see different parts of American and how different the people and the culture are just from Seattle to New York to Florida to Texas. It’s cool and I can’t wait until I have a chance to go to Europe. I like being on the bus. A lot of people complain about it being cramped but I think it’s kind of like camping and that’s fun for me.” He would love to take his dogs, Jack and Jill on the road with him and once he has his own bus he says they will be joining him.

The Fallin’ Up Tour hits Grand Rapids on September 22nd. Also performing are Jordan Bratton and Kirko Bangz. Tickets are just $27.50 in advance and $32.50 day of the show. For more info including VIP packages available check out www.officialsomo.com and www.sectionlive.com.

-Brian Benn and Sonya Dillman