A Day to Remember Writes Relatable Lyrics that will Punch You in the Face with Honesty

By Brian J. Woodworth

I love this band, and believe they’re honest guys that don’t care what people think about them, and couldn’t care what you think about their music either. That comes across clearly in their new album, Common Courtesy.

Some criticisms of ADTR are that their lyrics are too blunt and have no depth. Horoscopes have no depth and people still find meaning in them. My point is that people are going to read what they want to read and listen to what they want to listen to. It’s all about what creates a personal connection.

The debut single on Common Courtesy, “Violence,” which was released earlier this year, is ADTR releasing their heaviest punch on this new album. It seems to be a common trend nowadays. Escape the Fate followed suit releasing “Ungrateful” as a single off their new album, Ungrateful.

ADTR has an amazing ability to scale it back from the heavy swinging songs like “Violence” and “Dead and Buried” (probably the second heaviest track), and bring you soft-hearted ballads such as “I’m Already Gone” and “End of Me.”

My favorite part of this album is the anthem feel it has. The songs have big choruses that are easy sing-alongs which a crowd can easily latch onto. The best example is my favorite song off the album and the most poppy song, “Best of Me.” As soon as the chorus kicks in, I’m pumped and ready to go see ADTR live/

Common Courtesy is only available through purchase on A Day to Remember’s website, www.ADTR.com. Please visit this website for further information regarding A Day to Remember.

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