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Album Review // Bridges by Direct Divide

By Kevin Tshiamala

Hate to start this way, but it is necessary. If you enjoy the works of Muse, A Perfect Circle, 30 Seconds to Mars, Silversun Pickups or even Florence and the Machine, this just might tickle your ear buds. For the rest, read on at your own risk, but don’t talk shit, you were fairly warned. Direct Divide is an Alternative Rock group; some would call a Cinematic Rock group out of Los Angeles, CA. They will be releasing their 8 track album, Bridges, on April fools, April 1st.

The band is composed of five members, inclusive of a bad ass violinist — kudos: Razz (violin/vocals), Kevin Proctor (guitar/keyboard), Gabe Soto (bass) and Valdemar Huguet (drums). Their 8 track album Bridges is a reflection and an attempt to try to explain/understand, better yet explore the “feelings of people striving to communicate in a vast world full of distractions and technology.” The album kicks off with “Persophone.” It’s a driving rock ballad with fair instrumentation, good production, nice lyrics, and good vocals. Not to mention the violin adds a great touch. Razz has a six string electric violin capable of handling four octaves along with a wood viper violin. Even though I’m a viola player, I have the utmost appreciation for orchestral talents.


The album continues in the same genre mode. At times going with slower rock ballads such as “Writing on the Wall” and “Won’t Be Alone” or grunge punk-ish more upbeat alternative rock jams such as “Running.” Throughout the album the musicianship is fair and the production good. What remains to be consistent and a constant ray of sunshine in Bridges is the songwriting. “Whether it is navigating the excitement and nervousness of instant infatuation in ‘Meteors’ or the pain of long distance in ‘Persephone,’ Direct Divide write music that audiences can fit their own experiences to.”

Razz and Kevin have been composing and recording together for three years. The edge provided by the drums of Valdemar and the grunge style bass of Gabe are recent additions, but necessary ones. Together they are able to create a good sound and strong platform to evolve and build upon as their career progresses. For now, they present you Bridges; a worthy contending alternative rock album.

Bridges will be available for purchase April 1st.

For more information please visit Direct Divide’s official website: www.directdivideband.com

For social media please visit: https://twitter.com/directdivide

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