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A Review of Colour EP by Sulu Babylon

By Kevin Tshiamala

Are you familiar with that feeling when listening to something new, but it feels as if you’ve heard it all before? Sulu Babylon, a three piece rock band out of UK, just released an EP titled, Colour, which embodies that very feeling. Not necessarily a jab at their musicianship or instrumentation, maybe just an over critical characterization. Nevertheless, sounding like Queens of the Stone Age, Black Keys, Brand New, and Bloc Party all in one isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when you’re just beginning.

The EP kicks off with “See it in Colour,” which is led by a cutesy acoustic guitar melody then accompanied by the rest with vocals similar to that one guy. “Free” is an upbeat song with a playful guitar riff, tone and lyrics that capture the essence of its title. Not to mention the neat bass breakdown towards the end with a well coordinated build up to completion. It’s a fun song that fans will adore live and journalists will play on their time lapse recap videos.

Sulu Babylon is an indie rock trio from East Yorkshire featuring Phil Killingsworth on vocals and guitar; Ryan Johnson on drums and Corey Jones on bass. They formed in 2010. The band incorporates melody and passion into their music with what seems to be a decent amount of energy.This six track EP, although a bit lackadaisical and neat is a good step in the right direction. They seemed to have found the way for their sound. “Liar” is probably the song that feels the most like Sulu Babylon – the harmonies, melodies, great instrumental interplay, and powerful energy. “Save our Souls” closes out the album in underwhelming fashion bringing us right back to that feeling.

All in all, Colour EP is a decent release by Sulu Babylon. They have plenty to show, but still young, it will be a while before they will be able to break that barrier from rookies – damn good ones must I add – to pros. We give it a 66% rating, which isn’t bad for a six track EP. Kudos for a great band name as well.

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