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Album Review // The Gabriel Olteanu EP

By Kevin Tshiamala

If 94.7 WCSX is your favorite station, you enjoy 80’s classic/thrash rock or are craving its reemergence in the 21st century; Gabriel Olteanu has answered your call with his new self titled EP. The Gabriel Olteanu EP consists of three well flowing 80’s classic rock songs that will make any middle age person remember the awful days of going through cans of Aqua Net, a closet full of leather jackets, and chain smoking cigarettes. With MEGAFEST only two days away, for those who enjoy this style of rock or simply want to reminisce, Gabriel Olteanu’s self titled EP will serve your well. Not to mention, you must always appreciate when an Artist recognizes the value of their work. You can stream the entire EP on Gabriel’s Soundcloud and name your price on his bandcamp. The album features vocals by Franco V, Kevin Jardine on bass, and drums by Peter Tzaferis.

“My Desire” is the first track on the album and if you don’t like it, stop and get out for it is a great indicator of what is to come. It is an 80’s thrash song with raspy vocals, classic guitar chords, and equipped with all the musical predictability of its genre’s predecessors.

“I Want It All” continues the 80’s metal vibe, but is accompanied by decent lyrics. Many say that the musicianship and instrumentation in 80’s metal are no easier than other styles, but unfortunately that truth, similar to Reggae, is overshadowed by the repetitive and simplistic sound it produces.

Last on the EP is “Homeless Nights.” It sounds similar to – fuck it, see for yourself.

The Gabriel Olteanu EP is a valid attempt by the talented Canadian native. This will definitely resonate for his fans and those who enjoy the genre as shown by his recent success; featured on Hair Metal 101 and Chroma Radio Station. For people like me, it is a long shot from Def Leppard, ACDC and Iron Maiden.

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