Album Review //MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & More

By Kevin Tshiamala

The MonaLisa Twins is a 19 year old duo group from Austria who coyly are actual twins – twins Basil, twins – named Mona and Lisa. They are a product of what I deem good parenting. Growing up their father had an in home studio inherently exposing Mona and Lisa to music throughout their early childhood and beyond. It is no wonder their influences range from the 60’s/70’s beat and pop scene to psychedelic folk/rock. They started out as YouTube sensations performing cover songs and eventually releasing two cover CD’s in 2007 and 2008. Their harmonies stuck out as well as their musicianship. Many vocalists discuss the third note that rings out in a perfect harmony, which is difficult to achieve. But when the singers are related, siblings, better yet twins, and they find the space in the harmony, the sound is unlike any other. Mona and Lisa have a way to go before being able to consistently hit this space, but they are on the right path as shown through their continuously growing fan base. In 2012 they released their debut album When We’re Together along with a few official music videos, with one standing out the most for the title track “When We’re Together” (check out the video below). Since then they have been touring the world, interviewing, performing and busking every chance they get. In between touring and recording their new album, the duo decided to adhere to their fans request to release a cover album.

Releasing on March 28, 2014 is MonaLisa Twins Play Beatles & More. 

When it comes to covering songs or worse making an entire cover album, few have succeeded. From the beginning, the formula in itself does not work in the cover artists favor. No one covers a terrible song. You don’t hear anyone covering “Party All the Time” by Eddie Murphy. It is always a legendary tune that everyone remembers and loves. Covering a song means change and people do not like change, especially when it comes to their beloved Beatles songs. As an honorable response to their fans the MonaLisa Twins did not stop with The Beatles. They continued on with Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Janis Joplin, Buffalo Springfield and The Doors. This is not any old cover album. This is the quest for the Holy Grail. Listen, there is a hierarchy of great cover bands/albums and it is only inclusive of two, Sublime and the Easy Star All Stars. That is where it stops and where it should. The problem with cover albums is that they sound so captivating like the KFC famous bowl, but after indulging it is rather unsatisfying. But MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & More does have some bright moments and although they know, as we do, that they presented nothing new through this composition, it still remains to be decently entertaining – though some of that credit goes to the aura of the original tune.

Highlights: Harmony, instrumentation, song choice, and a slither of creativity.

Memorable Covers: “This Boy,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “God Only Knows,” and “Mercedes Benz.”

If you love the Beatles, The Doors and these other greats, but want to hear their songs through another beautiful voice, MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & More is one to add to the library.

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