A Review of Nights Like This by Eli Paperboy Reed

By Ryan Solecki

The electronic boom heard around the world has cast a cloud over classical genres such as jazz, soul and R&B.  But Eli “Paper Boy” Reed has cast a ray of sunshine over the music industry blending these classical genres with the present day favorite electronic pop genres.

Eli “Paper Boy” Reed’s debut album Nights like This, was released April 29th through WB Records, is an album which can relate to a variety of demographics. Throughout the album you hear multiple mash ups of genres that range from Rock N’ Roll to EDM. The album was produced by Reed and longtime guitarist Ryan Spraker who both have the musical vision to combine southern roots with a modern wave. This vision remains evident from the opening track to the concluding one.

The opening track “Well Alright Now” immediately displays Reed and Spraker’s musical blend with a rock n’ roll infused guitar and piano, but also features synth work in the back ground to keep up the pace of the song. The title track opens up with a Motown type baseline and drum beat, but grows into a typical teenage party anthem. As the album continues you will notice the vast array of instruments and sounds that are apart of each song. On the tenth track of the album, “Pistol Shot,” you can even hear an EDM kind of buildup; even a Dubstep type of beat towards the end of the track.  The mash up of genres however, can leave the listener lost in what part of the album they are going into. It can almost be listened to in the same way you read a William S. Burroughs book, start to finish, conclusion to beginning, middle end start, or middle start end.

However, Eli Reed comes from a mash up background himself. He graduated high school in the north east, but soon moved to Mississippi to grab a hold of some southern roots and has never let go.  Reed’s loyalty to his sound is one that is hard to come by in today’s money, money, money driven music industry.

Not to forget, Nights like This has relatable lyric content that can be shared with all ranges of music lovers. The album features songs like “Grown Up” that really needs no explanation, just a listen. Or a classic break up song such as “Not Even Once.” It’s an album that a parent could drive around with their kid, listen to it, and all parties are more than satisfied.

For more information please visit Eli Paperboy Reed’s official website: http://www.elipaperboyreed.com/

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