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Connect with Sick Puppies

By Brian J. Woodworth

Sick Puppies released their fourth full-length studio album, Connect, this past May. Brian from HEAR Magazine caught up with the lead singer and lead guitarist, Shim, to talk a little bit about the album. (See audio).

It is clear people latched onto Sick Puppies for their raw sounds found in “You’re Going Down,” and wondered would they be able to emulate that in their new album? They tried, but fell a little short with the song “Gunfight.” This track is composed of a political mash up of random thoughts that don’t really fit well together. It goes from talking about Bush and Obama to Kevin Bacon to gun fighting. (Obviously, you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, but thanks for the heads up.)

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The whole album feels ballad-y, and I think it’s not what people are expecting. The title track, “There’s No Going Back,” is a nice pop/rock song, but I just don’t get the same vibe from the Puppies as I did with Tri-Polar.

My favorite song is “Connect,” in which Shim tells the story of connecting with people. It has significant resonation because in our world today, there is a vast disconnection between human beings, and that results in the loss of value of human interaction in our lives.

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Sick Puppies are on tour now and will be in Detroit on October 18th at St. Andrews Hall, and you can pick up Connect today on iTunes®.

For further information regarding Sick Puppies, tour dates, and/or Connect, please see their official website at: and/or on Facebook®