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A Review of Singularity by The Age of the Universe

By Kevin Tshiamala

When seeing the band similarities in the subject line – Dedg, Muse, and Queens of the Stone Age – you could only imagine the excitement leading up to listening to Singularity by The Age of the Universe. Singularity is the debut effort by this up and coming band who view themselves as an uncompromising cocktail of punk, alternative and psychedelic rock – a mixture between the likes of Pink Floyd, Muse and Black Sabbath.

The album kicks off with “Alive.” It’s a driving, wild, rock song with Muse tendencies and raspy vocals. “Alive,” transitions well into “Believe,” which causes you to think twice as to whether you’re actually listening to an old Muse record as opposed to The Age of the Universe. The band is comprised of three members: Isaac on Vox and guitars, Enrico on Drums and Alessandro on Bass. The sound produced by this three piece band is incredibly immense, but crisp and part of that credit must be given to their producer, Francesco Tedesco. It makes you wonder if unlike Muse, their live shows are as powerful, crisp and captivating. Other than the driving rock ballads, Singularity also consists of slower tempo songs such as “Far from the Sun,” featuring A Rainy day in Bergen and a pleasant, catchy groove titled “Spanish Eyes.”

Without sucking their privates too much, similar to most debuts, the album suffers from the age of digital, the ability of abundance as opposed to the age of wax, the lack of availability. The Age of the Universe would have done Singularity some good by leaving close to half of the songs off of the album. Too much is often worse than too little. Nevertheless, with songs like “The men on the edge,” Singularity has shown the great talent and potential of this up and coming band, The Age of the Universe.

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