Album Review // Un Boombox Symphonique By Kbit

By Kevin Tshiamala

The marriage between technology and music is often tabooed or better yet misconstrued. As we learned from Dave Grohl’s, Sound City, the theory and musicianship are still needed to make a worthwhile track, but regardless of your talent, you will never get anywhere without knowing how to use the technology, and better yet, use it to your advantage. But this does not change the feeling of angst when having to listen to a yet to be proven EDM DJ who – in the age where social media popularity is the new currency – has less Facebook followers than my friends dog, Gringo.

Un Boombox Symphonique is the work of Kosta Andreadis, who goes by the new moniker, Kbit. It is a ten track album driven by deep/downtempo house sprinkled with jazz fusion, disco, breaks, synths, organs, and melodic grooves. The album is inspired by and aims to give the effect of an Astronaut, loose from the shuttle, calmly floating through space. The album at first cynically does not go well, but like the film Drive after a second, third chance, you begin to appreciate its minimalistic nature.

“These Seven” kicks off the album and true to its aspired theme, with the 1950’s astronaut press conference dubbed in, the song gives off the effect of a space shuttle launch. From there the album continues to smoothly sway through songs like “Start, Down, Restart,” valid slow motion disco mixed with breaks attempts like the title track “Un Boombox Symphonique,” and Drum N Bass/ House inspired tunes such as “Exit Strategy,” which has great guitar work by Kbit’s brother. The album at times feels cinematic, as if it were made for a B movie or an Indie flick; which makes sense for even the cover art and the description give the album a cinematic aura. Not to mention, the feel of the songs are reminiscent to that of Explosions in the Sky – for anyone who’s favorite movie is Friday Night Lights – The album wraps up with a live song, a tune driven by drums and over patterned organs “Fin (The End),” and a wafty spacey “dub” “Vintage Galaxy.”

Whether you disagree with the premise of the lab DJ or are an old faithful to two tables and a mixer, Kbit’s Un Boombox Symphonique is a valid debut and worth a listen. Technology has made many of our jobs easier and I do not believe it is fair to discount the efforts of a musician for using it to their advantage. Unfortunately, it does make it more difficult to become recognized, adored and respected. This is why I advise anyone dipping their toes in the Arts to not be so quick to charge for your precious novice work. Someone once told me never to give out your skills for free. At the same time, if you give you shall receive. Not to boast, but many of us have been doing this for a short while and trust me when I say, it is not yet our day job. As we all have in our careers and hobbies, up and comers must leverage the technology. Spread your work out to the masses as quick as possible and the best way to do it, is sharing it for free. In a time where social media popularity is the new currency, for a person who has less than a couple hundred followers, it is a bit bold to ask for the price of a Big Mac with a large shake for your debut Electronic album. But, at least people can stream it before they ponder on that heavy bargain. Props to whoever did the cover art.

Highlights: “Exit Strategy” “Live From Vienna” “Summer of ‘00”

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