Album Review // We Create by The Jinxes

By Kevin Tshiamala

After braving the long weekend, 2 interviews, three shows, Jameson, green eggs and ham with a side of hangover, it is soothing to be sent and listen to an indie folk artist for review. The Monterey Bay indie/folk/ pop duo, The Jinxes, will soon be releasing their crowdfunded EP, We Create, on April 2nd. What is even better than having an album paid forth and in some ways created by your fans? Having the album be released just two weeks before their wedding – reminds me of Johnny and June, not to mention their five track EP is most definitely worth a listen.

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We Create kicks off right where their debut EP, Send Me A Sign, left off. As critics praised the Jinxes first album calling it “different,” “refreshing,” and “soothing in its simplicity,” We Create will generate a similar reaction. The album kicks off with a soothing mother-daughter story song, “My Butterfly.” Deanna Ross (singer, songwriter, tablet instruments, percussion) takes the lead vocals with her poignant, calming tone. Kevin Smith (singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar) does a nice accompaniment with the choral harmonies and tonal inputs. The production is solid and the instrumentation is simple, but pleasant.

The album continues through a lively upbeat pop duet, “The Situation,” to a Simon and Garfunkel type musical ballad, “Can You Hear it Ring?” lead by the vocals of Kevin and sweetly accompanied by that of Deanna. Ross, being a longtime dance teacher and choreographer states, “I meet plenty of people who think they’re not creative, but it’s never true. Their creativity just hasn’t been realized or cultivated yet.” This message is ever so evident in the title track, “We Create.” As the lyrics state, “Put some pains on the page/rattle the cage/open a book/now you can dream/we create.” The album wraps up with an upbeat classic indie duet, “Which Way Do We Go Now,” with good lyrics, good instrumentation, and good harmony.

If it is not the music that does it for you then their story will make you feel all mushy inside. They met in 2008 at an open mic session. By 2010 they had created The Jinxes while falling madly in love. Thanks to their fans and two successful Kickstarter campaigns they have been able to record two EP’s, one being We Create. As they state, “One of the shared interests that brought us together is creativity. We are passionate about: exercises that invite or improve it; people that wrestle with or exemplify it; and the messy, miraculous process of creating something ourselves – be it a song, a story, a piece of Art or an impromptu stew.” If their stew is as good as their music, I’d like to review that as well.

We Create is available for streaming and download on April 2nd just two weeks before their wedding on iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby, Bandcamp and Spotify. It will also be released as a beautiful 10-page digizine available at http://thejinxes.com/wecreate.

We wish you a great wedding, an eventful honeymoon and a happy marriage.

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For more information please visit The Jinxes official website: http://thejinxes.com/

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