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The Jungle – Wild Things EP Review

By Kevin Tshiamala

In their new EP, Wild Things, The Jungle blend together a mixture of funk, jazz, pop and ambient adding to the conversation of an ever growing genre critics call funk-electric fusion. The EP is composed of four well flowing songs reminiscent of works by Blood Orange, The Weekend, Toro Y Moi and some have even gone as far to link them to Prince – a comparison we’ll shy away from. Nevertheless, the EP is a stage five clinger. The catchy, yet unique songs linger around when necessary, but continue to circle around your head even when unwanted. Regardless of whether you view that as positive or negative is irrelevant, for what makes a piece of art successful, is its ability to make you think and feel. Wild Things not only does both, but also makes you dance.

Multi-instrumentalist, Troy Jagan, was inspired by Upton Sinclair’s book, hence the name of the band. You can feel the despair from the book in songs such as “Black Rose” and “Firewalk.” Other than Sinclair, Troy looks up to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. As Troy stated, “James is Funk. We want to bring people that same energy because as long as we’re committed to the sound, James and funk will never die.” The funk fusion is clearly evident throughout the entire EP, such as in the song, “Paradise.”

Unexpectedly, The Jungle’s EP, Wild Things, is a front runner for best new sounds of 2014. As Veggie Fans stated, “The Jungle made the most of their four tracks and we look forward to following their sonic evolution for years to come.” We couldn’t agree more.

Wild Things EP is available for purchase on iTunes

For more information please visit The Jungle’s official website: thejunglevines.squarespace.com

For social media please visit:  https://twitter.com/The_Jungle_Deep

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Wild Things EP gets a 100%