Forged in the fires of talent, determination and pure aggression

Apothica – a band known for dominating stages across Texas, have returned with their new single “Hannibal”. Originally released Halloween night to much fanfare, “Hannibal” captures the next evolution for Apothica, but also marks a departure from what longtime fans may have grown too comfortable with during their musical career.

Apothica’s musical catalog already contains some of the most original and powerful music to be heard from an unsigned band, with the addition of “Hannibal” its sure to raise some eyebrows of the musical elite.. When you listen to Apothica’s songs in order from “Oncoming Storm” to “Medusa Beconing” and now “Hannibal” you can hear a band evolving, coming into their own as they prepare to take on the world. Apothica is not a band that protected itself from earning its battle scars in the trenches of unsigned music, they welcomed it, conquered it and grew into a band that is destined to become a household name.

We found “Hannibal” to be some of Apothica’s best work. With engaging lyrical content, Lucy engages the audience and draws them in. Lucy’s change up vocally from previous releases shows how she has evolved as an artist. Comfortable now in her own skin, her work on “Hannibal” displays an artist ready for the attention of major labels. As  Lucy draws in the listener on “Hannibal” its the combined effort of  Alex King, Alex Villanueva and Efrain Santiago that really set the hook.  The Guitar and Bass work on “Hannibal” is as good as anything coming from a major label right now. The hard work by these three gentleman is paying off as they take no prisoners with their playing on the latest track. But we have to say the work behind the kit by Ryan Damian on “Hannibal” is some next level work. Ryan is the fire breathing engine behind this track, and for sure will be to blame for the commotion in the pit as fans try to keep up with his playing. All in all “Hannibal” is a next level song from a next level band and we are breathless with anticipation on what they have in store for everyone next.

As we mentioned earlier “Hannibal” marks a departure from the sound that Apothica is known for.  Changing up your sound can be challenging and also sometimes a risky move with a well developed fan base, but what they have accomplished with this latest release is working to their advantage. We recently caught up with Lucy LeNoir (the front woman for Apothica) and asked her reasoning for the change up.

“I really think having the strongest group of musicians we have ever had as has lot to do with the new style of music we’re going for. The support behind me is amazing, and I couldn’t ask for better band to be the front-woman for. We have naturally progressed over the past few years, getting more and more aggressive with each song we release. Listen to Oncoming Storm, Dirty Mirror, Medusa Beckoning, then Hannibal, in that order. You’ll understand haha. I think we have finally hit a point where we are pretty comfortable with one another personally, which translates well to writing with each other as a group. We have always wanted to go for a more bouncy aggressive feel for a very long time, but past band members have disagreed with the stylization we were writing in. We have had several member changes in the past 2 years, but now, it just feels right. We can speak our minds and share our ideas without feeling bad or reprimanded for speaking out when we don’t like something. Its all about communication, and now that we have an open line with one another, its like the music just flows naturally. We don’t have a leader here, we are all leaders of this band. We all like the same djenty-bouncy-aggressive-in your face style. We are all interested in going in the same direction now. To put it simply, we have the right people, with the right talent, and have finally found the sound we need to hone in on. Me personally with the vocals for Hannibal, I love the fact that every time I do the “rapping” part as everyone calls it..everyone FLIPS SHIT. They just can not believe I can do that live, or that I am capable of that at all. I have so many things I want to show off vocally, and now is the time to do it!! I see more “rapping” parts in our future. Its fun for me to challenge myself to find the way the syllables roll off my tongue just right. The element of surprise is a motherfucker. And I’m here to do just that. Im not here to be a pretty face, Im here to make some fucking metal.”

When asked about the influence behind “Hannibal” Lucy had this to say:

The concept of “Hannibal” came about when I had someone trying very very hard to get the same amount of attention I got as a female. (Which is ridiculous to me, considering attention shouldn’t be a fucking competition. Ever.) Basically I would perform or whatever, and this girl would be all over me in public at shows. Like hanging on me constantly. A little leech. Yet, when I went back to being a “normal” person with my every day life, she wanted nothing to do with me. Basically this person only wanted to be around me when I was getting treated like a “rockstar” I guess. They didn’t want to be a friend out of love, they wanted it out of jealousy. When I realized that, I went home that night and relaxed by watching one of my favorite movies, “Silence of the Lambs”, and thus, my idea for a song had been born. In history, it is said that if you eat someone, you ingest their skills, their knowledge, their power. I felt if this girl had the chance to do that to me, she would. Such a desperate attempt at attention..designer clothes, expensive makeup, constant pushing up and pushing down certain body parts…….it seemed like a lot of work to be that way. Uncomfortable and stressful. And it disgusted me. You shouldn’t EVER try that hard to be something you aren’t. You either do, or you do NOT. There is no in between. Somehow I feel she wanted what I had. And she would take advantage of me as much as possible to get what she wanted. It was a stressful and sad friendship but turned out to be inspiration for a killer song. So thanks to that girl haha!!!!!

Well Apothica definitely seems to be on to something with their new direction. The response to “Hannibal” has been overwhelming and longtime fans of the group welcome the change. Apothica is on the rise, with a clear line of vision now on the bands future! The release of “Hannibal” will be seen as the moment when Apothica soared to greatness. We invite you now to listen to “Hannibal” by listening below!

Apothica is:

Lucy LeNoir – Vocals

Alex King – Guitar

Efrain Santiago – Lead Guitar

Alex Villanueva – Bass

Ryan Damian- Drums

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