Armin at The House Of Blues in Chicago

By: Paulina Pachel

Armin van Buuren, currently the number two DJ in the world, arrived at the House of Blues in Chicago on a snowy cold day, December 14th. The frigid wind of the outdoors didn’t stop the ever pleasant atmosphere that circulated within the crowd that waited for his arrival. The 2014 Grammy Nominee EDM artist greeted fans and press reporters as they gathered around the small venue.

As part of his meet-and-greet, Armin displayed a short clip of his prior concerts. The clip also gave the audience an idea of what the Armin Only Intense tour is really about. Every single show, regardless of city, will be different. It all depends on the tracks that will dominate a specific time frame, the atmosphere of the crowd, and where the sound is willing to take Armin. The show is never pre-planned, it just happens. Minimally the show is up to five hours but, Armin told HEAR he would like to go on for as long as possible.

He has been doing Armin Only since 2005, but the technology that is involved is something that sets this show apart from the rest of them. The software used now makes the people front and center, as well as people who are backstage, fully aware of what Armin is doing on stage, visually. The sound is much more enhanced and high tech based.

“It’s a solo DJ set and also a free style DJ set. It’s not pre-programmed. I’m bringing six singers with me on the road, a full band, dancers, acrobats…the whole thing. We bring a crew of 35 people on the road with us. We have a big team. The ironic thing is that the show is called Armin Only and, yet, I’m traveling with this big group of people,” says van Buuren.

For this artist, it felt incredibly rewarding to be nominated for a Grammy in America. The artist, who is originally from the Netherlands, feels that “It doesn’t get any bigger than that. [It feels awesome] the fact that I was nominated makes me feel very humble and proud. And I didn’t see this one coming. It’s a crown [on top of] a very big year for me. I can’t wait to celebrate that with you guys.”

To Armin, making it as an EDM phenomenon was one end of the bargain, but to share his work with billions of others who admire his sound is truly something monumental. A feeling so exhilarating that it cannot be replaced by any other. Armin and his team have been working for over a year on the set of new songs, the set itself, the set up, and the overall shock effect, to bring the audience music they deserve to hear. The team has grown together immensely; they feel as though they were one big family and dread hours apart. Regarding all his accomplishments, Armin proudly says that, “This is the highlight of my career. It’s a dream to bring it to one of the countries, one of the cities that supported me for so many years, and I really hope you guys can make it in April. I’m looking forward to see you there.”

Armin van Buuren will be taking over the United Center in Chicago on April 17th. Grab your tickets now!

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