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Bananarchy in Michigan // Dada Life Compound Tour

Interview and Article By: Bethany Weems

The ambitious, innovative, and hilarious duo that is Dada Life bring the famed Dada Land Compound on tour. As Dictators and/or Presidents of the Dada Nation Swedish born DJs Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom are sharing the Dada experience with the loyal Citizens of Dada Land peppered across North America.

Dada Life has become a phenomenon, an EDM staple, and an aspiring nation. “Dada Land” is composed of any territory holding a Dada Compound event and it is taking the world by storm. Dada Nation is growing daily as are The Rules of Dada which include rules like, “Stage rhymes with rage.” And “No bananas on the rider? Then we do our two hour deep/tech house set. Everything under 118 BPM.”

I talked with Olle about their Dada Land Compound Tour. At the time he was in his hometown of Stockholm where electronic music genius is a as common as a cold boasting of beloved natives Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, IconaPop, and Alesso to name a few. Toby Benson, the group’s manager explained, “Stefan and Olle really wanted a fully immersive environment for this tour, so we’re building the production from the walls in… everywhere you turn will be Dada Land!”

Olle explained that this is their most important tour yet because they are always moving forward and better than before. Considering that previous tours have been rumored to use more than 8,000 lbs of bananas and 3,000 bottles of champagne “better” will be a challenge. Consequently, they are taking their Dada Land Compound normally residing in Brooklyn, New York on the road to cities across the US and Canada. For the exclusive scoop on Dada Life, inspiration, and advice you can listen to the interview here.

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Detroit DJ and longtime citizen of Dada Land Brian Brexx describes his favorite masterpieces, “Even though I love “Happy Hands & Happy Feet” (it’s what brought me to Dada Land) and Just Do the Dada is my favorite album……..I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE “Tonight we’re kids Again”!!!!!! Rules of Dada state…”If you can describe the track in one word, it’s done”….My friends it’s a banger.”
A few of my favorite Dada masterpieces include “Rolling Stones T-shirt”, “Happy Violence”, and “Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker.” Do yourself a favor and check out the videos. Or better yet experience the epicness in person.

On Friday February 27th, Dada Life invade Detroit and turn the Masonic Temple into something it has never been before and could possibly never be again, Dada Land. “For us,” explained Stefan and Olle, “it’s about giving the Citizens of Dada Land something that will never be reproduced, in a venue that they’ll probably never go to again in their lives. We’re bringing a massive stage production with us. It will be unique and it will get ugly, it will be everything that Dada Land stands for!” For more information go to: