Concert Review: Slayer, Gojira, and 4arm take over Detroit Rock City

By Krash Kiten

If you have ever walked into a rock show at the Fillmore in Detroit before, you know how upbeat and energetic true Detroit Rock City fans can be. On Saturday, November 16th the crowd was pumped up for Slayer, Gojira, and 4arm. There was a great turn out at the Fillmore. It was full of people ready to witness Slayer’s new guitarist, Gary Holt (formally of Exodus), replace the late, great Jeff Hanneman.

As I walked in I caught the end few songs from Melbourne, Australia’s 4arm. They were thrashing the stage like the thrash metal band they are – being aggressive and rocking it loud. 4arm is definitely an up-and-coming band to look into. Although I didn’t hear their full set, I did get to experience the aftermath. The crowd had been energized.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.50.11 AM
Photo by Krash Kiten for HEAR Magazine

Second up was Gojira. They are a totally under-rated band from Bayonne, France, and never ever a letdown live. Joe Duplantier, the lead singer, pulled off yet another great performance, along with his brother Mario Duplantier on drums, Christian Andreu on lead guitar, and Jean-Michel Labadie on bass. If you have any interest in the Djent/metal style, seeing Gojira live is undoubtedly something to put on your bucket list. I am full of anticipation for their return, and for a new album hopefully in the works next year.

20131116 slayer-8475
Photo by Shane Glenn for HEAR Magazine

Once Gojira finished their incredible hour-long set, the one and only Slayer came on. The crowd went wild as the lights flashed as the upside down crosses took over the ceiling above the stage. Slayer came out strong starting their set with “Hell Awaits,” and then flowed into “Anti-Christ.” After playing about 18 more amazing true metal songs, they ended their set with “Angels of Death,” a true Slayer fan favorite. Gary Holt rocked it hard in his new position with the band and pulled off a tough task for anyone to conquer. It’s not as if Slayer is one of those small venue run-of-the-mill metal bands. They have been around since 1981 and continue to keep their fan base interested and coming back for more. His ability to humbly fill those shoes completed the show, and Slayer perpetually rises evermore to greatness. I give this show five stars.

For more information on Slayer, please visit their official website at: www.slayer.net, and/or you can check them out on social media at: www.facebook.com/slayer and/or www.twitter.com/slayer.

For more information on Gojira, please visit their official website at: www.go-jira-music.com, and/or on social media at: www.facebook.com/gojira.official and/or www.twitter.com/gojiramusic.

For more information on 4arm, please see their official website at: www.4arm.net, and/or on social media at: www.faceboook.com/4armofficial and/or www.twitter.com/4armscars.

 Gojira – Photos by Krash Kiten

Slayer – Photos by Shane Glenn