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Blake and the Boys Round Here

By Jenne Barnes

Busta Move came roaring at the crowd as Blake Shelton made his grand entrance on stage at the Palace Saturday, September 28th. With his elaborate light show, the artist made his way through the silos that were part of his stage set. “It’s All About Tonight” started the performance as he shared with fans that he “brought his big ass here for two reasons: To drink beer and sing country music!”

As “The More I Drink” started, the crowd started to get ready to drink more as well. “I was nervous coming out here,” he said, “And when I get nervous….I drink!” Blake had the fans anticipating a spectacular show, and he didn’t let anyone down.

Flashing back to his previous years, he donned a white cowboy hat complete with a mullet. Wearing the getup while singing his previous hits, “Some Beach” and “Ol’ Red,” he let the crowd see his humorous side and brought us all back to the beginning when Blake had his first release in 2001.

With a more intimate feel to his acoustic set, and with the spotlights resting on his shoulders, he sang the song he co-wrote with his wife, Miranda Lambert (“Over You”), which touched the hearts of all present. “Autsin,” Blake’s first number one hit, had fans singing along to every word.

Being a judge on The Voice has been a big part of Shelton’s career. Working with Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green has made a big impact on this artist’s life. Although he is a country artist, he couldn’t help but bust into Cee Lo Green’s, “Forget You.” Some enjoyed the performance, while others gladly flipped Blake off. He stopped in the middle of the song and said, “You’re right. I’m a country artist; not pop, not rock., just redneck country. I’m sorry I should know better.” What better way to redeem himself than to belt out “Hillbilly Bone?”

We all knew he would end his show with one of his fan’s favorites, “Boys Round Here.” Country music freaks, redneck, hillbillies, and cowgirls were all on their feet; drinks raised, hips swaying, and singing along until the very last note was played.

Of course Shelton came back out for a crowd pleasing encore. He included “Footloose” and “God Gave Me You,” which brought the night to a memorable end. The show was amazing to all fans, new and old. Blake brought together songs throughout his career and made them into a fantastic performance that will leave a lasting impression on all present.

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