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Off the Leash: A Night with Korn

By Laura Pepera

Walking up ready to go to the Fillmore on Tuesday night, and seeing Korn on the marquee built an excitement that was fulfilled in every way.  With an opener like “Asking Alexandria” to boost the energy in the room and get everyone ready to rock out, Korn was set up for nothing but success.  The energy in the Fillmore was oozing with fans of all ages and walks of life.   As the band came out and started with the classic all-time favorite “Blind,” the crowd started to go crazy and everyone was READY.  From there it got twisted – in the good way, of course.  Hearing the song “Love & Meth” from the new album The Paradigm Shift took it to a whole new level. Korn kept it going hard from there and played “Dead Bodies Everywhere,” which it’s release was an epic moment in every Korn fan’s life.  It went onward from there with more songs from the new album, like “Never Never” and “Prey for Me.”   The band wrapped the show up with the classic “Brick in The Wall,” but fans wouldn’t let the night end there.  Korn raged on with an encore of the classics “Got the Life” and “Freak on a Leash,” to send us all on our way out the door, but begging for more. Korn fans should not expect to see them back in Detroit any time soon.  However, they will be in Grand Rapids on November 22nd with Rob Zombie, so get your tickets now and I’ll see you there.

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