Concert Review of Sheryl Crow’s Free & Easy Tour at the Palace of Auburn Hills

By Erikush Growski

Sheryl Crow played at the Palace of Auburn Hills on October 25th and was inspiriting. She co-headlined the Free & Easy Tour with country music heavy-hitter, Gary Allan. Maggie Rose opened the show with a sweet but stellar performance.

Listening to Ms. Crow live is like reliving all those time in the past when one of her songs would come on the radio, and automatically singing along couldn’t be helped.  A reminder of those fun nights out with friends singing karaoke badly and dancing until dawn. Beholden of youthful spirit where days are spent making memories. She played a night full of her classics such as “Everyday is a Winding Road,” “My Favorite Mistake,” “Strong Enough,” and “If It Makes You Happy.” In addition, she sung a beautiful rendition of “Picture” accompanied by Gary Allan. I also enjoyed hearing her more recent work such as “Easy” off her most recent album, Feels Like Home.

Crow’s song with the prerecorded Johnny Cash, “Redemption Day,” was the climatic touching moment of the evening. She explained to the crowd that before his death, Johnny Cash had called her and asked about this song and what it meant. She explained to him and us that it is about the Persian War. Mr. Cash decided he was going to cover it on his upcoming album, but due to his passing, that project was never completed. Having him on the screen behind her singing hooks during the song raised goose bumps. The song, being about hardship, death, and war, embodied the Cash spirit. It is wholeheartedly a tasteful celebration of the icon and the man.

The Palace of Auburn Hills is a large venue; however, Crow was able to transform the space into an intimate experience. She is a true musical professional with an unbridled creative talent who possesses the skills to synergize her efforts. Sheryl Crow gave Detroit an excellent performance and she doesn’t have to lie to me – I already believe.

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