Sevendust returned to The Machine Shop in Flint, MI on Tuesday August 5th with Gemini Syndrome and opening act, Crash Midnight. As always, it was another successful show at the Shop with Sevendust and Gemini Syndrome both having rocked this stage many times before. The high energy crowd gave Crash Midnight the perfect welcome for the newcomers playing at The Machine Shop for the first but probably not last time. This band does its best to prove that Rock N’ Roll never died. The band compares their sound to Guns N Roses and it’s very likely if you havn’t heard of them yet you soon will. This quintet from Boston proved that they have plenty energy and talent, but most of all their music speaks for itself.

HEAR spoke with the Crash Midnight after they played and while the guys enjoyed tacos that were being sold outside the Shop. “Just looking at the photos on the wall, we’re hopefully going to be one of them.” The band told us. “Yeah, Minty the photographer. He’s a great guy. Not only that, but right before we got on stage, Minty said, ‘Alright, are you guy’s ready to go fuck this Chicken?’ I think we’re going to start using that before we go on every set.”


Crash Midnight’s debut album, Lost In The City, comes out Oct 20th. After which they will hit the road again in support of their album. When asked if we should expect to see them again this fall, they replied with a “We hope so! We love it here (The Machine Shop) it’s the best place ever and we seriously could play here every night, it’s so cool.”

The boys from Boston then shared some of their favorite tour stories with HEAR including how Bianca, the groups Tour Manager (who is going to school to be a dentist) cut Alex’s hair in the parking lot of a gas station just a few hours before the show. Turns out she may have chosen the wrong career choice. “Alex’s hair was really long a few hours ago. He decided he wanted it cut. We pulled into a gas station and he sat on his guitar case and Bianca started cutting his hair.” Shaun explained.
Bo (bass guitar) told us a story about accidentally stumbling onto the set of one of Uma Thurman’s movies while trying to get back to their hotel in New York. Brothers Shaun and Bo may not always see eye to eye on things, like taking the best route to the hotel, but on stage everything comes together perfectly.


The band wanted to say thank you to all their fans for all the support and to say they are sorry. “It’s generally a good idea to apologize.” Shaun Soho (lead vocals) stated.
“I kicked over a monitor that hit a bunch of people.” Alex Donaldson (lead guitar) confessed.
“He’s a walking liability.” Shaun added.

Also, if you missed this show you can catch Gemini Syndrome when they are playing at Dirtfest Aug. 9th in Birch Run. Check out the photos of this show  HERE!

-Shari Barcia


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