Photos and review by Brad Goldring

This past Friday, October 18th, EDM icon deadmau5 brought his newly created cubev3 to the masses in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Even though playing back to back sold out shows, the Fillmore Detroit was packed and almost bursting at the seams. 

deadmau5, who’s real name is Joel Zimmerman, is known for wanting his shows to be both visually and audibly perfect. So it came as no surprise to see the usual house sound system beefed up by his own JBL line arrays that allowed him to achieve a near crystal clear sound throughout the show.

That, backed with the cube’s new ability to not only tilt from 45 to 90 degrees as well as rotate 360 degrees, but it integrated seamlessly into the digital backdrop as well making the overall visual amazing to see.

Canadian star singer LIGHTS was on hand to sing vocals for three songs, and awed the crowd. 

In true Joel fashion he kept the talking to a minimum, was awkwardly funny when he did speak, and kept the party pumping. 

For anyone who wants to experience a real party, with amazing sound and visuals, deadmau5 does not disappoint in any aspect. 

Callie Rieff

Liquid Stranger