Good As Is is a collection of songs by Heidecker & Wood (aka Tim Heidecker of “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job,” “Bedtime Stories” and much more, and “Awesome Show” multi-instrumentalist/composer Davin Wood) that have been piling up for years. These are demos, false starts, half songs and rough ideas that never made it past the home studio, but are now making it to you. The duo released this collection via BitTorrent Bundle on Thanksgiving for $1 (or more for those who feel inclined). Tim tells the story behind these songs below.

“In 2007, Davin and I met up to work on a song for an Awesome Show sketch: A Carol and Mr. Henderson sketch to be exact. Davin came over to my house and we worked out a tune called ‘He’s The One’ that felt very The Band. We tried mic-ing my new (very old, but restored) piano and got a pretty good Basement Tapes sound. We had fun making the track, but we both suspected that the song just wasn’t right for the show, so we put it aside. Davin then began playing really funny jazz chords and soft rock progressions on a chorused out Fender Rhodes (midi emulation) and I sang along making up words on the spot. At some point we pressed ‘record.’ and we stumbled upon ‘Princes and Paupers.’ For whatever reason we never went back to fully finish that song, but inside the song you can hear little bits of ‘Weatherman’ from our first record Starting From Nowhere. This session planted the idea in our head that it’d be fun to meet from time to time and make songs that could exist on their own, aping styles of music we either loved, or thought was funny or ripe for parody.

The next several songs (“I Wanna Be Mad” and “Number One Song”) were all recorded by me and/or Davin as demos for Starting From Nowhere. Most were deemed just too silly to put any more real work into them. My recording skills we very basic here and I often relied on drum loops and MIDI sounds to approximate the sound I was going for. Often, I’d put in a few hours of work on a tune and then close the project and not open it up for years. Davin and I would email songs back and forth and for whatever reason (cream rises to the top) the tracks on Starting From Nowhere just got the most love. The next batch: ‘Waiting On Your Call,’ ‘Were You Alive” ‘Wrong Side of the Bed,’ ‘Avalon,’ and ‘Slow Dreamy One,’ were all contenders for our second album, Some Things Never Stay The Same. ‘Waiting On Your Call,’ was in the running up until the very end when it literally wouldn’t fit on the vinyl and I didn’t want the CD/Digital version to be different from the vinyl. I also felt it was sort of weak, but I’m happy with parts of it.

After that it all gets a bit murky. Often these songs are my attempts at emulating style, and practicing recording technique. Songs get forgotten and pile up. You see, both Heidecker & Wood records were not big sellers (AT ALL!) and the will to get together and put more money into recording, mixing and everything else that goes into really putting a record the right way faded over time. Still, I would go into my garage studio and fuck around, and when a song hit Davin he’d record it at his place and send over for me to hear.

We’ve wrestled with whether putting these out is a good idea. Frankly, some of these make me cringe to listen to: bad vocals, terrible sounding drums, half finished lyrics! But there’s something interesting and perhaps enlightening about combing through this massive heap of stuff and maybe finding a few nuggets. And we may revisit these songs! One or two or even more might get resurrected and get the full studio treatment one day. Anyways, as Dr. Brule might say: ‘Who Cares.’”