Everyone has heard horror stories about bands not getting paid, fans not getting the show they were promised and promoters just not taking care of business. Starting out as a musician is hard enough without throwing in incompetence or shady promoters taking advantage of fans and musicians alike. Drozone Entertainment has entered the scene now to try to make sure everyone gets treated right. Drozone is your one stop shop for entertainment needs offering services like booking, management, merchandising, advertising and more.

HEAR sat down with founder and president Mike Cendro to talk about his plans. “Back in the day I was doing the band thing myself and with my connections with local venues I figured I could make sure everyone was treated properly. We started in November (of 2013) and we work hand in hand with venues and promoters to help newer bands get their name out there. To start we are booking local and regional rock and metal shows currently through the Ritz in Warren and the I-Rock in Detroit plus we are looking to expand to Flint and Downriver area soon. By the beginning of next year we will be adding branches into both EDM and Hip Hop as well.”

Drozone is currently putting on the Crown For The Underground, a battle of the bands contest with two qualifying rounds, one already done and the other on 9/6 at the Ritz with the final round on 10/4. Two bands from each qualifying round get to compete in the finals with a special headlining performer to be announced. The winner is competing for a cash prize, a three song demo from Elaire Studios, a HD music video through Icarus Imaging and will be the feature artist on the Drozone Entertainment website bringing them notoriety and opportunities for more shows. Other sponsors for the event include Cabresto Tequila, Artbox Concepts and Saints and Rebels Pipe Company.


Later in November on the 22nd and 23rd Drozone is also helping sponsor the Fall Metal Fest at the Diesel Concert Lounge in Chesterfield. The line-up will be announced soon for this event so be sure to check back on Drozone’s website or on the Hear Magazine Events page for more info.

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With some hard working, music driven and honest people pushing for excellence Drozone is sure to expand soon taking them out of the Detroit area into areas like Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and who knows where. Once Michigan is conquered who knows what will be next. With their expansion into other music genres the sky is the limit and only time will tell but for now HEAR is proud to be working with company’s like Drozone expanding and improving the music industry in our own backyard.

Be sure you come out to Ritz for round 2 of Qualifying on 9/6 and the Crown For The Underground Finals on 10/4. There will be eye candy in the form of sexy ring girls provided by Tala Terror’s Necro Nightmares as well. Don’t miss your chance for a headbanging good time at the Fall Metal Fest in November and watch for more events from Drozone in the future as they continue to grow and expand.


For more info visit http://drozone.biz/ and find them on Facebook.

-Brian Benn