EOTO // Drop Bass NOT Bombs

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Joylyn Phoenix and Bethany Weems

Donald Trump you’re FIRED! EOTO 2016, Hann for President! Jason Hann from EOTO says, “Drop Bass not Bombs!  If I ruled the world everyone would be so, cumbaya. I would be like, whatever, get out of the city, put your guns down and let’s make music!”

EOTO is a profound mixture of Jason Hann and Michael Travis, two insanely talented musical technologists who have mastered the craft of creative extemporaneous meshing. EOTO has been bringing the sounds of the solar system to planet Earth on their “Outer Orbit” Tour.  EOTO has spent decades gathering sound ideas from all corners of the globe blending the classic sounds of drum, keyboard, and vocals with blips blurps, dubstep, trap, and everything in between. Equipped with even more lights, lasers, and epic visuals than ever before EOTO’s live, surprising, unique, and unrehearsed show is set to blow even the extraterrestrial’s bug-eyed melons.

EOTO is the prodigious progeny of widely acclaimed and wildly popular The String Cheese Incident. Joy and I talked with ½ of the dynamic duo, Jason Hann, who explained his roots being immersed in the Miami club scene by 13, to joining the Navy, to President. His passions led him to seek out musical techniques from around the globe including indigenous rhythm and drum music studies in Africa, Ghana, Korea, and Bali.

EOTO started around 2006 when Travis and Hann played at the first Sonic Bloom festival in Colorado about the time they began using Ableton and touring through cities including Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids at the Intersection. EOTO is no stranger to Michigan.  Jason has an appreciation for Detroit’s rich musical history and influence worldwide. “There is serious, serious music history in Detroit all over the place from soul music, rock music, techno, and electronic music. It’s one of those cities that people have seen music get cultured there and later heard around the world,” says Hann.

Earlier this year EOTO made a splash at Electric Forest and played a particularly stellar set at the new Jubilee Stage. Mark Radwin, Utah’s up and coming DJ and music producer commented, “EOTO’s epic live performance at Jubilee will be one to remember. I couldn’t stop dancing!“

Hann explained, “It was unreal. People at Electric Forest kept saying that ours was one of those sets from the weekend. Everything felt so right and we were right on our game.  We made things happen. We made some moves there.”


Click on the link to download this year’s Electric Forest set: http://www.livedownloads.com/live-music/0,12783/EOTO-mp3-flac-download-6-25-2015-Electric-Forest-Rothbury-MI.html

When asked how they stay fresh Jason explains, “It’s the nature of our band being all improvised. We don’t have any songs, we are not trying to remember anything on any particular night we can’t help but be different. Once we start letting down, if I do a variation of the groove it might make Travis do a different beat it’s sort of like the butterfly effect the minute you change one thing…that different groove can totally throw the other moving parts into another direction.”

Armed with an arsenal of iPads, Voice Livetouch 2, MIDI Fighter, TC Helicon, and many more gadgets and gizmos than Ariel the Little Mermaid could shake a stick at EOTO kicks out inimitable sounds. Every performance is impromptu and every moment is fresh, new, and powerfully mixed with culture, technology, and the attunement of the musicians and the audience. Hann and Travis are brilliant artists, creating new experiences every time they play, nothing preplanned or rehearsed, just magic.

Move over big dipper, the EOTO show will entail an inspirational teleportation to the “Outer Orbit” complete with meteor showers of galactic beats and an out of this world laser bath. Hann says, “The way that we approach all of our visuals over the years is a way to make the entire venue feel like its being transported somewhere else. We have this amazing visual feast for everyone to enjoy.”

Attention music aficionados!  Jamtronica sensation EOTO will make a special landing at the new and improved Populux night club on Friday August 21st.  People of Michigan prepare to get schooled as EOTO shares the most eclectic technical music lesson on the planet and remember drop bass NOT bombs. Hann 2016! For more information visit: www.EOTOmusic.com

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