meltdown four

Unprecedented Bass Eruptions at Meltdown 4

Written By: Bethany Weems

Prepare for the ear whooping of your lifetime. Remember when you’re momma used to count “1, 2, 3…3.5” you knew that if she made it to 4 you were going to get it!  Well kids, we are there (SMACK) Meltdown 4 hits Detroit on 3 loaded stages with headliners Designer Drugs, Bommer, We Bang, and Megalodon at club Fantasy.

The Detroit Rave Scene is bringing in heavy hitter’s for an interregional sound synergy respectively pushed through almost 200,000 watts of sound to give music connoisseur’s the largest, loudest, most hype Meltdown ever! Coupled with local grand slams the Static Brothers, Donny Whan, Lingk, Disciple, and many more this night is sure to edify, impress, and move you.

In true Detroit style, I want to see you dancing and I won’t techno for an answer! You won’t be the only one cutting a rug, star dancer Marquese “Nonstop” Scott, Cordaro Gross, and the JnL DreamCathcers will be twerking, pop locking, and shuffling all night long.

DRS mastermind and expert bassologist Jason Muns explains the future for the Meltdown series, “4.5 will be December 13 with Tincup, Bommer and 5 headliners plus more tba. We are stressing an unpractical sound system supplied by Thunder Audio that is going to have people talking about it for years to come.”

This night is literally jam packed with musical talent, artistic talent performed by the visually savvy Kyle Chetosky, and a new feature, cinematic talent run by the multi skilled Anthony Martinez who will be making a documentary of this monumental event.

Chetosky is a Detroit improv artist who is an active participant of the scene. Chetosky comments, “DRS is amongst the authentic Detroit event coordinating companies that do it proper. From bringing world renowned DJ’s and producers, to the loudest bass your ears can handle. The founder of DRS, Mr. Jason Muns takes care of his people. His hospitality and humbleness speaks volumes, and I think DRS’s events are a direct reflection of these attributes.”

The concept and canvas for Chetosky’s Meltdown piece will be revealed at the event so look for the dude under the white light with the curly mustache and taste the treat he will be developing for your viewing pleasure. The finished masterpiece will be auctioned off at the end of the night to the highest bidder.

Come out to Meltdown 4 for a dose of dubstep, trap, and electro from the experts Designer Drugs, Bommer, We Bang, and Megalodon. August 2nd promises to be the most reactive Meltdown yet so jump in the slipstream and be part of the extraordinary hype that is the Detroit Rave Scene. For tickets go to