MBMF comes to the Capital with Live Music and Great Beer, for an Even Better Cause

By Kevin Tshiamala

I’m not sure if it was due to the minimal marketing as this being the first year for the Lansing Microbrew and Music Festival or if we had our heads buried in the sand, but we caught wind of this spectacular event quite late – So late that we missed the first day, but not too late to make it to the event for day two.

MBMF is exactly what it sounds like. It is a festival with more than 200 craft beers with about 25 Michigan and other national craft breweries available to taste. Whether the casual drinker or the brew master enthusiast, the selection of beverages made available was unparalleled. The festival featured a Rare beer Tour and Sour Beer Tour, which traveled through the festival site with stops at several brewery tents. Furthermore, the inaugural festival included three stages with many local musicians as well as major acts such as O.A.R, Dirty Heads, Cosby Sweater, the oddly fun Silent Disco and The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle.

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As casual beer drinkers, whiskey enthusiast, alcoholics, however you want to label us, this was an event we had to attend. After rearranging our schedules, some went to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. while others got to go to taste a little bit of heaven. MBMF organizers Sam Porter, John Stocki and Heather Kevnick, were kind enough to grant us media access on short notice. Their prompt conduct, swift communication and professionalism were exemplified by the smooth functionality of the festival. The layout of the grounds was well engineered, the main stage was gorgeous, the weather was cooperative, the people gracious, the selection of beer was immense, and the music was fitting.

Although, yes, on the surface this doesn’t seem to be much different than any other festival, it is. As MBMF organizer Sam Porter of Tent Venue & Porterhouse Productions stated, “The Microbrew & Music Festival is a unique extravaganza for attendees and fans of great beer and great music that will shape the future of outdoor festivals. It is a celebration of Michigan craft brewers, some of the top bands in the nation and in Michigan, and the outstanding folk who are helping to fight hunger and make the Mid-Michigan community a better place. That’s ultimately what the Microbrew & Music Festival is all about: A community coming together to have a good time and do good.” All of the proceeds of alcohol sales benefited the Great Lansing Food Bank and Xero Waste Events, which gathers items for recycling, generates revenue and then gives that revenue back to local charities dedicated to community food banks.

With the necessary green movement consistently picking up pace, you can’t help but admire the mission of the Lansing MBMF; to promote sustainability and conservation through replicating longstanding ethic among its organizers of creating low-impact, zero-waste events that give back to the community. This is not only a necessary model for music festivals to follow throughout, but it is also a movement that we must buy into as a culture.

The inaugural Lansing Microbrew & Music Festival was a huge success and we can only hope to see it continue in Michigan’s capital in the coming years.

Reuse, recycle, drink responsibly, give back and repeat. If you missed MBMF in Lansing, the festival will be in Traverse City, MI on August 22nd & 23rd.

Video footage of MBMF coming soon.

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Shout out to Short’s Brewing Company – good people, great beer