Propaganda, the Controversial Film Smuggled from North Korea, Coming

July 22

WINNER of Founders Grand Prize from Michael Moore for

Best Picture at the Traverse City Film Festival

Controversial to its core, this hard-hitting anti-Western propaganda film looks at the influence of American culture on the rest of the world from a North Korean perspective, and has been described as ‘either a damning indictment of 21st Century culture or the best piece of propaganda in a generation.’

Propaganda signals the birth of a new genre-bending generation of film maker. Using the ‘fake North Korean propaganda’ found-footage device, Director Slavko Martinov, (who just spoke at a recent TED conference) parodies its language and stylings, before targeting the mountain of hypocrisies and contradictions that make up the modern Western narrative. In doing so, the film delivers a devastating blow to those who might be quick to laugh at ‘backward’ ideologies before considering how political and cultural trends have weakened Western claims to the moral high ground.

In chapters with titles including “Rewriting History,” “Creating Ideas and Illusions” and “The Cult of Celebrity,” the film takes aim at advertising, war, TV, consumerism, religion, censorship, celebrity and historical revisionism – all sources of, or the result of state propaganda – in a way that is thoroughly North Korean, alarmingly authentic and disturbingly precise.

Propaganda has caused an international incident involving the NIS (South Korea’s CIA), the Catholic Church, Homeland Security and the FBI. In fact, Martinov and his crew to this day stand accused of being North Korean agents by the South Korean government. If the best way to see our selves is through the eyes of another, then this jaw-dropping film will hold a mirror to Western media, politics and history, and the propaganda that has shaped them.

Official Selections: DOXA 2014, CLIFF Film Fest, Olympia Film Festival, CPH:DOX 2013, Melbourne underground Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, PUFF Festival – Hong Kong, Docville Festival 2013, Doc Edge Festival 2013, Byron Bay Film Festival, IDFA Film Festival 2012.

With our extensive admiration for documentaries and films of the like, we can’t wait to watch this film. It will be truly breathtaking and eye opening.

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