Written by: Katelyn Bennett Interview by: Kayla Bultema

Get ready to be flosstra-ized with Flosstradamus as they hit up the “dirty glove” (their words) for 2 shows on their Hydnation Tour.

Josh Young (J2K) and Curt Cameruci (Autobot), better known as Flosstradamus, started their music careers on the streets of Chicago back in 2006. Hip-hop inspired and mixed with a little bit of everything, their distinctive sound has helped them climb to the top of the EDM ladder. Now signed with four different record labels, the duo is absolutely killin’ it in 2014.

On November 17, Young and Cameruci launched their HDYNATION tour which will sweep through 18 states in only 2 months’ time! They’ve made it very clear that this is not just a tour but a movement.

Floss told HEAR that they think that many stages nowadays are too flat so they set out to always have a 3rd dimension to their stage performance. They want to take people’s heads away from basically looking at an IMAX screen and turn it into something that is more of a theatrical experience. So they built a multi-level stage reaching up to fourteen feet. With so much space to move around in, this stage allows Flosstradamus to reach their maximum energy levels in order to turn up the crowd more than ever before! They want fans to leave wondering what exactly just happened. In addition to the launch of their new stage and the HDYNATION tour, they also released their Fall/Winter line of Merchandise, available at flosstradamus.com.

HEAR interviewed Floss and they told us that they can’t wait to bring some heat to us. Curt, originally from Kalamazoo, says that back in the day, he would go to Detroit raves to listen to techno, ghetto tech, and booty bass music that Detroit provided and that he is inspired by.

Dirty as always, Flosstradamus released “Drop Top” featuring Travis Porter and “TTU (Too Turnt Up)” featuring Waka Flocka Flame earlier this year. They also brought their stoner charm to the tables once again when they released their Wake & Bake EP on 4/20 – a short, but sweet must-hear! This year they added a whole new chill sound when they released a remix package “Rebound” featuring remixes by Daktyl, Twice as Nice, and CRNKN.

In the interview, Floss tells HEAR that they collaborated with London artist Troyboi and that their single “Sound Clash” should be dropping within the next month – ish! So get ready for this shit!

Flosstradamus has been busy this year with performing at festivals such as Holy Ship!, Ultra, Lollapalooza, and Mad Decent Boat Party. Over the course of this year, they collaborated with artists such as DJ Snake, Diplo, and Skrillex and at the very least, 2014 has been extremely successful, and the best part is that they’re not even done yet.

They will be tearin’ shit up on Nov 28th in Grand Rapids at the Intersection and the next day in Detroit at the Masonic Temple. Mark your calendars! Trust me you don’t want to miss dis shit! For tickets, go to www.hydnationtour.com. See you there!