Check Out Black Cadillacs at the Campfire Stage

May 24th

Black Cadillacs are a blues-based indie rock band from Knoxville, TN. With members from each of Tennessee’s major cities, the state’s famous sounds are well represented. Nashville’s recent brand of rock ‘n’ roll revival takes center stage, accented by authentic Memphis blues, soul and a hint of Knoxville country distill into a sound rich and southern as it is alive.

Alongside their native influences, The Black Cadillacs know their rock history. “Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who and Pink Floyd laid the foundation for us. With the success of artists and bands like Jack White and My Morning Jacket, it’s easy to see that blues-based rock n’ roll still resonates with audiences,” says guitarist, John Phillips. “We were inspired by the same bands and we’re just trying to keep those sounds alive in our own way.”

Their live set is where this well-orchestrated yet explosive blend comes to life. Playing more than a hundred dates in the past year, and billed for more than a handful of major festivals this summer, The Black Cadillacs know when to let frontman Will Horton lose and when to join him with a flurry of sound.

The Black Cadillacs will be playing at Summer Camp Music Festival Saturday, May 24th at 3:15 pm at the Campfire Stage. Although they’ll be competing for attention with acclaimed jamband Greensky Bluegrass and dance music stars Cherub, Black Cadillacs is a band with an attractive new rock infused sound that’s definitely worth checking out — we guarantee you’ll stay. We’ll see you there.

As Summer Camp Music Festival approaches, our interview, line up, and hang out schedule begins to take form. Thankfully, amongst others, we will have the opportunity of speaking with Black Cadillacs and conducting an onsite interview at SCAMP. Make sure to follow Hear Magazine and Summer Camp Music Festival on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get access to our coverage throughout the Festival Weekend. It’s going to be gnarly.

For more information please visit Black Cadillacs’ official website: http://blackcadillacs.com/

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