COWBOYS AND INDIES: The Epic History of the Record Industry Hits Shelves

June 17th

We wanted to give you a heads up about an upcoming book COWBOYS AND INDIES: The Epic History of the Record Industry (Thomas Dunne Books; June 17th) by Gareth Murphy, which Booklist calls “An enjoyable, if not quite indispensable, addition to the musical bookshelf.” In this definitive record business bible, Murphy draws from memoirs, archives, and over one hundred exclusive interviews with the legends of the record industry revealing the secrets behind the hit making craft.

COWBOYS AND INDIES has already received terrific praise from industry insiders—the people behind some of the greatest bands and performers of all time, including The Beatles, Adele, The Doors and The Rolling Stones. Acclaiming that Murphy’s book is “fascinating” “spectacular” and “compelling.”

From rock ‘n’ roll, vaudeville, blues and jazz to R&B, hip hop, electronica and pop, and everything else in between, COWBOYS AND INDIES brings together a clear genealogical map of the record industry’s fascinating and engrossing 130 year history. Chronicling the pioneers who set the stylus on the most important labels and musical discoveries from the 19th century to today, this witty and evocative narrative follows all the musical trends and developments, from the phonograph to the internet age, as it delves behind the big business of corporate hit machines and the diligent industry of small, curated labels.

How can you pass on learning about 130 years of musical history? You can’t. We at Hear are excited to read this compelling book and continue to fill our jellyfish with more musical knowledge.

COWBOYS AND INDIES: The Epic History of the Record Industry hits shelves June 17th. Pre-Order it now on Amazon.