The Hip Abduction’s New Video from Wanee Music Festival 2014

We first caught wind of The Hip Abduction thanks to our friends over at Leeway’s Home Grown Music Network. Their mixed musical influences with a heavy emphasis on reggae is molded into a refreshing sound. Their self titled album was released back in November and ever since the band has been skyrocketing down the path of acclaimed success.

The Hip Abduction’s self titled album reminds us of those early mornings with the sun beating down, the ocean roaring, locals singing, dancing, with island music in the backdrop. A place most of us can’t stay forever, but love to remember. The combination of various musical styles, instruments and energy makes the sound bold and unique. I hope that sound makes it to the Midwest. Until then, check out their new video below, sit back, drink a mojito, and let the sounds of THA take you way.

You can purchase a copy of THA’s self titled album here: http://www.homegrownmusic.net/Merchant2/merchant.mv?

For more information please visit THA’s official website: http://thehipabduction.com/

For social media please visit: https://www.facebook.com/thehipabduction

Check our the review of THA’s self titled album at HGMN here.

Shout out to my good friend Robie and the good folks over at HGMN.