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Freakshow by The Lockhearts

By Kevin Tshiamala

For all of you rock fans and avid music diggers, here is a band you will want to keep an eye on. The Lockhearts are a young up and coming band from Sydney, Australia. “Taking inspiration from legends such as Queen, The Clash, Foo Fighters, The Killers and more, The Lockhearts combine a diverse array of influences into their own unique sound with a volatile live energy.” Like most bands, the four piece was created by two long time friends and filled out by seasoned players who fit the mold through rehearsal and improved the chemistry.

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Hitting the ground running, the four piece immediately hit the studio writing new music and honing their sound. With their recent release “Freakshow,” they have already manged to hit number two on the MTV hits chart — a small musical accomplishment, but a great start for any new band and new single. The song has a smooth late 80’s/90’s classic rock feel and could easily fit on the soundtrack for Clerks. The vocals are on point, the instrumentation is solid, the song is catchy and not to mention the video is entertaining. For all you sound a likes, the band has a sound reminiscent of a mixture between Yes, The White Stripes, and Jet. Poignant, rocky and easily likeable.

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