The Almighty HELLYEAH have exited the studio, and are preparing to launch their 5th studio album by announcing the “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER TOUR 2016”


Plus Special Guests: Escape The Fate,
New Years Day, From Ashes To New


Eleven Seven Music Group (ESMG) announces the launch of the “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER TOUR 2016,” headlined by rock super-group HELLYEAH (ESMG) and featuring special guests Escape The Fate (ESMG), New Years Day (Another Century Records) and From Ashes To New (Better Noise Records). The 18-date tour across the U.S. will kick off on May 2nd in Baltimore, MD and end June 5th in Las Vegas, NV.

The tour will offer fans free music and exclusive content (tailored to individual platforms), alongside traditional ticket sales.  With each ticket purchased, fans will receive a code redeemable for a free WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER TOUR 2016 sampler on iTunes. The sampler will include recent hits, as well as unreleased music, from each of the four artists on the tour.

HELLYEAH is simultaneously releasing a lyric video for HUMAN the first new track from the bands forthcoming 5th album due out later this year which will receive an exclusive World Premier on SIRIUS XM’s Octane and Liquid Metal shows.

Hard-hitting rock band FROM ASHES TO NEW, who have Alternative Press declaring FATN “bring nukes to a genre where everyone has been playing with firecrackers,” will also offer an exclusive track ‘Who’s Laughing Now’, which does not appear on their debut album ‘Day One,’ available February 26th.

Citi® Cardmembers Pre-sale: Starts: Tuesday February 23rd at 2:00pm EST
Ends: Thursday Feburary 25th at 10:00pm Local Time
HELLYEAH VIP pre-sale: Tuesday, February 23rd at 2pm EST,
Local venue Pre-sale: Thursday, February 25th at 10:00am EST
*Limited number of discounted ticket available at pre-sale
General Public On-sale: Friday, February 26th at 10:00am EST.

ESMG’s turn-key, integrated marketing & audience engagement partnerships being utilized on this tour include Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Spotify. Fans will continue to get more bang for their buck with special offers and a slew of great content from all bands on the tour.  In anticipation of the WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER TOUR 2016, fans can expect an exclusive video announcement from each artist, that will stream via their Facebook profiles. All of the artists will be featured in a tour podcast series activating their fans using Instagram and Snapchat before and during the tour. Spotify playlisting and advertising, as well as Pandora audio messaging will also drive awareness of participating artists on the tour.

We’re All In This Together Tour Sample Track Listing
HELLYEAH – “Human”
HELLYEAH – “Demons in the Dirt”
Escape the Fate – “Remember Every Scar”
Escape the Fate – “One for the Money”
New Years Day – “Kill Or Be Killed”
New Years Day – “I’m About to Break You”
From Ashes to New – “Through It All”
From Ashes to New – “Who’s Laughing Now”

We’re All In This Together Tour 2016
HELLYEAH Solo/Festival DATES *
New Years Day will not appear **
New Years Day & From Ashes To New will not appear ***


7-May The Vogue Indianapolis, IN
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
9-May Cannery Ballroom Nashville, TN
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
10-May The Intersectino Grand Rapids, MI
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
11-May Ground Zero Nightclub Traverse City, MI
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
13-May KIWR Rockfest Council Bluffs, IA
14-May KQRCs Rockfest Kansas City, MO
15-May Northern Invasion Somerset, WI
17-May The Machine Shop Flint, MI
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
18-May The Machine Shop Flint, MI
20-May Pieres Fort Wayne, IN
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
22-May The International Knoxville, TN
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
24-May Mercury Ballroom Louisville, KY
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
25-May H.O.M.E. Arlington Heights, IL
w/ Escape the Fate, New…
27-May The Blue Note Columbia, MO
w/ Escape the Fate, From…
28-May Rocklahoma Pryor, OK
29-May Rivercity Rockfest San Antonio, TX
31-May The Summit Music Hall Denver, CO
w/ Escape the Fate, From…
1-Jun The Complex Salt Lake City, UT
w/ Escape the Fate
3-Jun House of Blues San Diego, CA
w/ Escape the Fate
4-Jun Riverside Municipal Auditorium Riverside, CA
w/ Escape the Fate
5-Jun The Foundry SLS Las Vegas, NV
w/ Escape the Fate
18-Jun 7 Flags Event Center Clive, IA
w/ In This Moment,…
19-Jun The Cotillion Wichita, KS
w/ In This Moment,…
21-Jun Lonestar Pavilion Lubbock, TX
w/ In This Moment,…
22-Jun La Hacienda Event Center Midland, TX
w/ In This Moment,…
24-Jun Abilene Civic Center Abilene, TX
w/ In This Moment,…
25-Jun Speaking Rock Entertainment Center El Paso, TX
w/ In This Moment,…
27-Jun Concrete Street Amphitheater Corpus Christi, TX
w/ In This Moment,…
29-Jun Iron City Birmingham, AL
w/ In This Moment,…
30-Jun Hard Rock Live Orlando, FL
w/ In This Moment
1-Jul Jannus Live Saint Petersburg, FL
w/ In This Moment
3-Jul House of Blues North Myrtle Beach, SC
w/ In This Moment,…
5-Jul The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
w/ In This Moment,…
6-Jul The Ritz Raleigh, NC
w/ In This Moment,…
8-Jul The Norva Norfolk, VA
w/ In This Moment,…
9-Jul Shiley Acres Inwood, WV
w/ Sunflower Dead
10-Jul The Orange Peel Asheville, NC
w/ Sunflower Dead
12-Jul Limelight Peoria, IL
w/ Sunflower Dead




Headbangers, take note! Don’t waste time concerning yourself with the band members’ impressive resumes or with dwelling on their previous work. On BLOOD FOR BLOOD, HELLYEAH lives in the here and now.

BLOOD FOR BLOOD is the album that HELLYEAH –featuring Mudvayne’s Chad Gray on vocals, Pantera’s Vinnie Paul on drums and Nothingface’s Tom Maxwell on guitar–has always wanted to make. “It’s a defining record for HELLYEAH and for anyone on the fence,” Paul declared, describing the record as “focused and with a clear direction.”

After roughly eight years, three albums, countless tours as headliners and as participants on “can’t miss” festival bills and hundreds of thousands of albums sold, HELLYEAH is making their biggest and boldest statement yet with BLOOD FOR BLOOD. They are going for the jugular and every song on the album clamps down and doesn’t let go. They’ve exchanged some of the party-centric, good time sounds of past efforts for pure metallic fury and emotional introspection. The album sounds like a re-charged HELLYEAH, taken up many notches.

BLOOD FOR BLOOD is easily their most metallic album. It leaves a mark, thanks to songs like the angular, vengeful “DMF.” There’s also “Demons In The Dirt,” a beast of a song birthed by the sort of anger that can’t be faked; it will leave you wondering who pissed these guys off. “Gift” is dirty, rowdy rock with equal parts groove and swagger, but also possessed of the sort of punk rock energy that would make Motorhead fans turns their heads. Then there is moodier, more contemplative fare like “Moth to the Flame” or “Hush,” which connect on an emotional, cellular level, proving that you can be incredibly heavy in ways other than loud and fast.

“We still have a love affair with this band and have a lot we want to say,” explained Maxwell. He relished taking on a larger songwriting role and serving as the lead guitarist, which you can hear in the album’s overall sound and in every note of his playing. “That magic is there for us, still. This is the record I’ve always wanted to make in this band, which has so many creative forces.” Gray also shared that changes made the members closer. “We leaned on each other for support and inspiration,” he said. As a result, the album is tight and the foundation is firm. Fans will be pleased.

The band opted to work with an outside producer for the first time ever, recruiting Las Vegas-based Canadian producer, Kevin Churko for the job. “To move forward, you have to make changes,” said Paul, who wrote the music in Texas with Maxwell before heading to Hideout Recording Studio in Sin City to put it to tape.

“I am used to being a producer or co-producer and I wanted to see what would happen if I backed up and let someone take the reigns, leaving me to just be a drummer,” said Paul, while admitting that vocals were the one area of production to which he couldn’t do proper justice. The band was happy to allow Churko to provide a fresh perspective. Given Churko’s resume, which is littered with names as diverse as Ozzy Osbourne, In This Moment and Five Finger Death Punch, the band knew he was the man who could pull the best performance possible out of Gray. The singer himself praised that Churko had a unique way of extracting what he wanted, saying, “You can be a drill sergeant and rule through intimidation or be laid back and cool, but get it done without pressure. He rules through cool.”

Overall, the album has less of an obvious southern influence, with Paul deeming it “a metal record that also has melody. It lends itself to a diverse group of people.”

As the mouthpiece for the band, Gray lets out his primal scream throughout the album, enabling him to properly and fully express his emotions in the music. “We want to shut people up a little, the people who have never given Hellyeah the time of day, for whatever reason,” the singer said. “Whether you want it or not, it’s undeniable. This [album] is an every night fistfight.” Gray shared that he firmly believes in music as therapy and revels in helping the band’s fans achieve catharsis with the music they have created.

He acknowledged the fact that the album is devoid of the party anthems that previously populated the Hellyeah catalog. “There is not a party song on this record, which we are kind of known for,” he said. Gray continued “As much as I love those songs, they put us in a certain box that I’ve never been comfortable in since I’m not always like that.” Instead, Gray and his bandmates wanted to show a depth, breadth and range of emotions and styles.

It was important for Gray to craft songs that were heavy on multiple levels at the same time. His approach was that heavy doesn’t always mean as fast and as loud as possible. He said, “For me, personally, I was going through my emotional checklist, and how I wanted to be heavy both aggressively and emotionally. I need that balance.” For example, the mercurial “Moth To The Flame” examines our base, animal instincts and drives. Despite knowing something is bad for you and will burn you, you still can’t pull yourself away from it.

“Black December” turns a critical eye on the year-end holiday season, and more deeply, the sadness that can permeate the end of the year. “It’s a deadly month and depressing,” Gray explained. “It’s a hard month to get through with all the bullshit and commercialization. John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell were killed in December – that’s like taking away things I need to live. I can’t celebrate this whole December vibe.”

For his part, Paul labeled his drumming on “Say When” as some of the most challenging of his career, going so far as to say he hasn’t played like this since Pantera’s 1994 opus Far Beyond Driven. “It’s so off the chain, and I will be worn out every night when I play it,” the kit minder said. While that may be bad for Paul, it’s a very good thing for metal fans.

Maxwell also points to the more mainstream rock element of “Hush,” which brings a sense of community to those who have had turbulent upbringings. The song is successful “at being heavy while being uplifting.” That’s not easy to do, but HELLYEAH make it seem and sound easy.

BLOOD FOR BLOOD marks a new chapter for Hellyeah. They pushed themselves to new limits, dared to embrace change and to take risks with their music by just doing what comes naturally. Gray said it best: “The more you listen to it, the more it will open up to you.”

Go ahead. Open the door and crank the knobs on Hellyeah’s BLOOD FOR BLOOD.

1280x1255The supergroup Hellyeah are entering their tenth year as a band and are poised to release Unden!able, their fifth studio effort and successor to 2014’s Blood for Blood. The hard-hitting groove riders already pummeled eardrums with the track “Human” earlier this year and now fans can circle June 3 on their calendars as they await the rest of the album via Eleven Seven.

Speaking about the new record, guitarist Tom Maxwell stated, “There’s a lot of new stuff coming out that we’ve never tried before, and a lot of heavy s–t … It’s gonna be moody, it’s gonna be dark, it’s gonna be crushing, it’s gonna be heartbreaking, it’s gonna be everything. So it’s going to be a proper take-off from our last record, but with a lot of new surprises, musically and lyrically. We are moving forward with the path that we’ve taken with Blood for Blood. It’s a really, really savage album and we’re really excited for fans to hear it.”

Unden!able marks the Hellyeah recording debuts of bassist Kyle Sanders (brother of Mastodon‘s Troy Sanders) and guitarist Christian Brady. The two musicians joined the band after the recording of Blood for Blood, replacing longtime bassist Bob ‘Bobzilla’ Kakaha and guitarist Greg Tribbett. The remainder of the lineup consists of the legendary Vinnie Paul on drums, Tom Maxwell on guitar and singer Chad Gray, all of whom have been with Hellyeah since the band’s inception.

Hellyeah will be touring heavily in support of Unden!able, embarking on a headlining run with Escape the Fate as support starting April 30, winding down on June 5. Following a short break, they’ll head back out serving as support for In This Moment starting June 18 and extending through July 12. For a full list of tour dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Hellyeah, Unden!able Track Listing

  1. “!”
  2. “X”
  3. “Scratch a Lie”
  4. “Be Unden!able”
  5. “Human”
  6. “Leap of Faith”
  7. “Blood Plague”
  8. “I Don’t Care Anymore”
  9. “Live Or Die”
  10. “Love Falls”
  11. “10-34″
  13. “Grave”