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An Interview with Like a Storm
By Sharon Barcia

The New Zealand native rock band, Like a Storm, just kicked off their “Love the Way you Hate Me” U.S. tour. The brothers’ first stop was at the Foundry in Jackson, Michigan. HEAR Magazine interviewed lead singer, Chris Brooks, after their set. When asked his thoughts on playing in “the mitten,” he explained that they often start a tour in Michigan. “The fans are awesome man! [Michigan is] a really fun place to play and try new things.” Trying new things is something they were all about at the Oct 4th show. This is evident through their friend, Garret, as he the reason they were able to still make the tour happen.

The sound check before the show was the first time the group had the opportunity to play together since arriving state-side. Despite not having a lot of time to practice, the show went fairly smooth, despite an unexpected spill that bassist Kent Brooks took while on stage (he tripped over the incline of the ramp to the stage). After taking a brief moment to collect himself, Brooks was back on his feet.

The band has a very strong fan base and were voted most fan-friendly band for the past two years. They believe this the result of keeping personal relationships with their fans. “We love what we do and our fans are awesome,” said Chris Brooks. “Thank you guys so much for supporting us and taking care of us, and making every night of this journey so amazing.”

When asked about family, the brothers stated that for the next few weeks, they will be joined by their parents on the road. “We don’t get to see them often. If they want to hang out, they need to go on the road with us,” said Chris Brooks.

Like a Storm plans to finish up the tour in December, then head back home to New Zealand to record their new album. “We figured that if we were going to record we might as well do it where it’s summer; it’ll be summer in New Zealand,” said Chris Brooks.

You can find Like a Storm on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/likeastormofficial and/or on their official website at: www.likeastorm.com