‘..Ms. Jackson proves her significant talent remains undiminished… The ballads revealed the strength of her voice, which doesn’t need studio polishing to convey tender emotions’- The Wall Street Journal

“Janet strikes a solid balance between innovation and dependability”,..”-Entertainment Weekly

“..the productions provide lushness, clarity and some sly reminders of sounds from Ms. Jackson’s hits” –New York Times

Music icon, multiple Grammy Award-winner and multi-platinum selling artist Janet Jackson released her much anticipated studio album, and first in seven years, Unbreakable, late last year via Jackson’s Rhythm Nation record label and its distribution partner BMG.

The album garnered critical acclaim with TIME hailing ‘as befits the title—and Jackson’s career—Unbreakable is a collection of songs about resilience and finding love both outwardly and from within. In keeping with her best work, it’s full of bravado and soul-searching,’ and People Magazine celebrating the album as “triumphant.” The L.A. Times went on to say “Jackson does so much with her singing – bending notes, applying vibrato, turning her breath into a percussive element just like her brother used to do – that the result is no less stimulating.”

For the first time since release, Unbreakable will be made available on double gatefold vinyl with custom 4-color sleeves including lyrics on April 1.