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Jordan JAE

Jordan JAE
Covers A Great Big World’s “Hold Each Other”

Watch JAE’s cover of “Hold Each Other”:
New York, NY – Indie-pop star on the rise, Jordan JAE has been making some serious noise recently. Turning heads and tuning-in ears with her beautiful renditions of popular tunes and original music, she’s excited to be on the brink of releasing her debut EP. The sixteen-year-old New Yorker’s evolution as a singer and songwriter has certainly been a captivating adventure to watch. Fresh off the release of her “Teenage Brilliant” music video, an anthemic masterpiece of teen rebellion that features a cameo from social media sensation Ricky Dillon, Jordan JAE has unveiled a brand new cover. This time JAE expertly tackles A Great Big World’s heartfelt single “Hold Each Other,” which even garnered support from the band who re-tweeted and re-gramed the video to their fans. Watch here:

Jordan JAE - Teenage Brilliant

About Jordan JAE:
Hailing from the iconic and cultured streets of New York City, sixteen-year-old indie-pop singer/songwriter Jordan JAE is about to burst the music industry wide open with her relentlessly catchy tunes. This musical wunderkind has been singing since she can remember, beginning vocal lessons at the tender age of 7. By the age of 9, Jordan JAE picked up piano as well and wrote her very first original song. She confesses, “It was definitely the quality of a nine year old but like they say, you can only get better.”

With the support of her parents, Jordan JAE started writing songs whenever she could. She found creative vision in everything, from her daily life to her twin brother, Tyler. Stating, “Inspiration comes from the girl that helps someone because she wants to and not because she has to. It comes from experiences and books and movies and other music. Inspiration comes from the things that make you feel something, because that’s what music should do. Music should make you feel something.”

By the time she hit 13, Jordan JAE was invited to record at SlumboLabs recording studio in Brooklyn by Jake Ottmann. There she continued to develop as a singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist, working alongside some amazing artists and producers. Jordan JAE’s quickly grown a strong online following with her YouTube cover videos, releasing beautiful renditions of Ed Sheeran’s “The Fault In Our Stars”, Coldplay’s “A Sky Full Of Stars”, Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love”, and more. When she began working on original songs, Jordan JAE teamed up with Grammy nominated songwriters and producers Kinetics & One Love (Eminem, B.o.B, Sean Kingston, Melanie Martinez) and crafted her anthemic debut single, “Said No One Ever.” The powerful breakup song and music video released in March 2014, and not only accumulated over 140K YouTube views, adds to radio stations and retail locations across the country, but transformed Jordan JAE to a bona fide singer-songwriter on the rise.

Jordan JAE continued releasing her catchy original stand-alone tunes, unveiling her sassy second single, “Makin’ Me Crazy” in August 2014. Soon after in early 2015 she released the first single off her highly anticipated debut EP, “Hopping Fences”. The track displays maturation in Jordan’s writing and folksy-flair that sets the tone for the effortlessly cool sound fans can expect from her in the future.

With her powerful yet delicate vocal ability, undeniably ear-catching songs and a ever-growing legion of fiercely loyal fans, Jordan JAE certainly is primed for musical domination with her debut EP.

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