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Catch Keys N Krates December 12th in Detroit at the Garden Theater. Read below for a review of their recently released EP Every Nite and exclusive North Coast interview both written by the one and only savvy Paulina Pachel. Enjoy and see you at the show!


Keys N Krates – Every Nite EP Release Review

By: Paulina Pachel

It’s finally time to unravel the trio’s long awaited track. We’ve been teased with live rehearsal sessions and various single releases, fans can now hear ‘Every Nite EP’ live on Soundcloud.

Keys n Krates have been busy touring the country, making appearances at a number of summer festivals and kicking off a huge national tour with the likes of Gladiator and Thugli.

The EP consists of 6 tracks encompassing the growth that the members underwent throughout their musical journey. First, emitting from serene vibes to a booming bass and slow siren build up in ‘Yes We Faded’, ‘Every Night’ which delivers a brand new meaning.

To understand the development and explore the depths of this sound more thoroughly, Keys n Krates must be seen playing live.

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By: Paulina Pachel

“There is quite a bit of what we are known for. The high pitched up vocals, heavy beats and melodic breakdowns. I think with each release we are coming into our own sound more and more. We set out to make an EP where people could listen to in their car, yet a DJ could also play in the club. There isn’t anything too hard on this EP, and we left a lot of space for melodic parts to kinda take the listener on somewhat of a journey.”

Keys N Krates’s very own, TUNE, sat down with HEAR Magazine to express the mutual excitement for the release of the band’s new EP.

After several months of continuous hard work, the guys have released ‘Every Night’, a six track EP that they could not be more proud of.

Before then, their EP ‘SOLOW’ was filled with “a bunch of breakthrough moments musically. I feel like that was the first time our music really connected with a wide audience. Before then we had been known as a live act, but with that EP I feel like we got into the game with our production as well,” reveals Tune.

This EP is a representation of seamless blend between drums, keys, turntables, and live sampling that differentiates Keys N Krates’s original sound.

Fans can have a listen of the exclusive “Are We Faded” single here:

“We liked what we originally had made for this tune, but it was missing something. We went back in the studio and revamped it and this is the product. We were much happier with this version and in listening to the whole EP, we thought this was a good representation of all the styles within the EP and make sense as a first single,” says Tune.

Recently having played Chicago at the annual NCMF as well as Bottom Lounge after party, the guys couldn’t have been more excited to share the love with the crowd.

Inspiration, for the band, is pulled from everywhere. When they create, all thoughts go out the window. When combining two diverse styles, “not a lot of thought goes into wondering if this is risky or not. We have our style that the three of us like and we just do us. One of us may go a little left field and the other two are quick to wrangle them back in, but other than that, we like what we like and that’s what’s on our records.”

The guys have a set of extensive and exciting tour dates coming up.

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