Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Interview // Krewella // Video

Video Interview by Ryan LaPointe & Brandon Weems for HEAR Magazine [youtube]

Review // Carnival of Madness // Detroit

Review // Carnival of Madness // Detroit // by Shonte Dillard Aug-27th “The Carnival of Madness” hit Detroit rock city, as the crowd roared for skillet as they set fire to DTE Music Theater. With John Cooper lifting...

Sports // Flyboarding // Extreme Aqua

Flyboarding.  If you look in the dictionary, it doesn’t even exist.  by Ryan LaPointe [youtube] What can be said about it?  We had soo many people ask me “what is it?” and the ONLY way...

Quoteview // Basscamp 2013 // Electronic

Top 20 things overheard at Basscamp - Quoteview by Ryan LaPointe   1. “Write that one down” As we scrambled around for a pen and notepad, which never left the pocket   2. “That’s not a rape whistle, that’s...