Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Interview // Krewella // Video

Video Interview by Ryan LaPointe & Brandon Weems for HEAR Magazine

Review // Carnival of Madness // Detroit

Review // Carnival of Madness // Detroit // by Shonte Dillard Aug-27th “The Carnival of Madness” hit Detroit rock city, as the crowd roared for skillet as they set fire to DTE Music Theater. With John Cooper lifting...

Sports // Flyboarding // Extreme Aqua

Flyboarding.  If you look in the dictionary, it doesn’t even exist.  by Ryan LaPointe What can be said about it?  We had soo many people ask me “what is it?” and the ONLY way I...

Quoteview // Basscamp 2013 // Electronic

Top 20 things overheard at Basscamp - Quoteview by Ryan LaPointe   1. “Write that one down” As we scrambled around for a pen and notepad, which never left the pocket   2. “That’s not a rape whistle, that’s...