By Bethany Weems and Joy Phoenix

Bill Brouse of Papadosio took a moment to speak to HEAR about music, festivals, and creative contributions. Papadosio has more depth than most music groups we encounter with their Earth conscious creative focus they are undoubtedly changing the world for the better. Join Billy and the rest of the group this Thursday September 26th in Grand Rapids at The Intersection. You will not be disappointed!
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Papadosio is an American “livetronic” group which formed in 2006 and now consists of five members Anthony Thogmartin, Billy Brouse, Mike Healy, Sam Brouse, and Rob McConnell.  The group originates from Athens, Ohio and recently moved to Asheville, North Carolina.  Papadosio is known for their melodic jam band electronic sound and for their meaningful annual music Earth Night events and Rootwire festival.

You can catch Papdosio at The Loft in Lansing on October 11th or you can catch them in downtown Columbus Ohio for The Malah Earth Night. Papadosio is hosting a music concert from December 20th-21st on Earth Night. The event will also be called “Rootwire in the City,” and will be a celebration of the end of the Mayan calendar cycle and the welcoming of the winter solstice.

The Rootwire festival put on by Papadosio occurred earlier this summer and consisted of a weekend long jam session in Logan Ohio. “The festival is not only just about music, but also all kinds of creativity. People are encouraged to bring sculptures or paintings, play their own music, and dance around freely.” The idea of Rootwire is for artists to freely share their love for music and create a space for creativity and artistic contribution.

You can find out more information and to buy tickets go to: or HERE