Most of you may not have heard of Louna yet, but this quintet from Moscow is going to change that, as they do the first tour from a Russian rock band in decades. After winning several awards, topping the charts and selling out shows in their homeland lead singer Lousine Gevorkian told HEAR how excited she was to come to the states. “We want people all over the world to know there’s at least one band in Russia that makes good music with serious lyrics. We’re looking forward to the experience and to make new fans, sharing our music and our ideas and join our rock family.”


Louna likens being a rock star in Russia to being a postal worker in Detroit.  “It’s a thankless job that doesn’t pay very well, but through music you can really change something. In Russia the music is really needed.” Their music often political in nature but their message is meant to be heartfelt. They try to make music others can relate to and can’t wait to spread their message to other countries.


They have been trying for years to bring their music over to us and the time was finally right. On the heels of their first english released album Behind A Mask, Louna joins The Pretty Reckless, a band out of New York lead by the beautiful, sexy and talented Taylor Momsen along with the UK rockers Heaven’s Basement. Gevorkian says she can’t wait to see New York, Boston and of course Detroit.


The last major rock band to play in America was Gorky Park. In Louna’s opinion Gorky Park was never a serious band. “Gorky Park exploited Russian stereotypes as a business. They set back peoples opinions of Russian musicians and never made music that was serious and they aren’t even a band anymore.”


Louna’s latest video for the single “Business” is the most expensive rock video ever made in Russia. “It’s basically The Wizard of Oz goes to war!” Be sure to check it out at They want everyone to know that to really get the whole Louna experience you need to see them live.


You can get the chance to see them October 25th at St. Andrews Hall. Join them as they make history and be sure to look for them after the show as the meet with fans. The Detroit show will be special because it’s the first show they get to do a longer set and will be playing songs never before heard in English.

-Brian Benn