Mad Decent Featuring: DILLON FRANCIS sans cat.

Mad Decent Block Party Featuring Dillon Francis

Written By: Sarah Smid

If you’re not familiar with Dillon Francis you’ll soon become a huge fan and admirer after a quick Google of his name and inspection of several interviews and videos posted on YouTube.

Dillon has an openly obvious love of tacos and cats and is not ashamed to talk about either.  Last year, he collaborated with Jake Stanczak, better known as “Kill the Noise,” to create the alias Meowski666 – a musical collaboration that, according to Dillon, “is really just us letting loose, having fun & creating something everyone will love… No boundaries.”

Check out his social media accounts and you will see it littered (pun intended) with posts of cats, for cats, about cats, cats, cats.  His explanation – he just thinks cats are awesome – like French people (watch his Coffee Run with Skillrex on YouTube – long, but very funny!).

Bethany Weems and Joylyn Phoenix had the pleasure of talking with Dillon about his tour; Sesame Street filled childhood, and the hilarious idiosyncrasies that are Dillon Francis. You can listen to the fully entertaining and informative audio on hearmagazine.com.

Experience Dillon out on August 16th, when he swings in to the Meadow Brook Music Festival, to blow us away with his wildly popular tunes along with Diplo and a mad slew of banging DJ’s as their Mad Decent Block Party Tour makes its way through Detroit.  For more information go to maddecent.com.