If you haven’t yet heard of The Raskins , you soon will. It is fronted by identical twin brothers Logan and Roger Raskin. Two talented singer/songwriters that look like they stepped off a Ramone’s album cover.


The Raskins’ self-titled debut album dropped in May and it is filled with catchy tracks showcasing their diverse and multi-layered rock sound. They had full creative control, and released an album that truly reflects who they are musically. HEAR spoke with the very humble lead singer Logan Raskin, “The album as a whole is kind of like an open diary for us, ‘We Had It All’ (their first single) is about our trials and tribulations through the music industry, and about our musical journey. We thought it was an important song to be our initial release, it means a lot to us.”

Already having had a busy year, first touring with Scott Weiland  of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fame and a stint on the road with Saving Able these brothers are now opening for one of the biggest tours of the year. We mean of course The Motley Crue farewell tour along with the legendary Alice Cooper. Having a few shows already under their belt, I asked what it’s like touring with the legends known as Motley. Logan said, “It’s been incredible right from the very first show in Grand Rapids! Motley and the guys from Alice Cooper have all been very cool welcoming us on the tour. I can’t be happier, feels like we are in Rock ‘N Roll heaven!”


The Raskins will hit the stage August 9th at DTE and then again at Joe Louis Arena on November 8th. You don’t want to miss seeing rock’s new comers as we say farewell to Motley Crue.

For more info visit www.theraskins.com.




-Diana Brang-Scott